Men's Shorts

A Guide to Stylish and Functional Men’s Shorts

Men's Shorts

Summer is on the horizon, which means it’s time to break out the shorts. But when is it appropriate for men to wear shorts? While shorts are a staple summer item, there are certain rules men should follow when sporting shorts to look stylish.

Comparing Lululemon and Old Navy Men’s Shorts

Two popular brands for men’s shorts are Lululemon and Old Navy. Lululemon is known for its technical athletic wear, while Old Navy provides affordable basics. Here’s how the two brands compare for men’s shorts:


Lululemon shorts come in an athletic slim fit that allows a full range of motion. Their Warpstreme fabric contains lycra for stretch and recovery. Old Navy shorts have a straight or relaxed fit. The cotton-blend canvas offers some stretch.


Lululemon designs shorts for athletic activities. The built-in liner provides support, while side pockets store small items. Old Navy shorts are more casual without special features. Some have side pockets or back pockets.


You’ll pay a premium for the performance features of Lululemon. Their shorts cost $68-$98. Old Navy shorts range from $20-$30 for a fraction of the price.

Best for the Gym

Between the two brands, Lululemon shorts are the better choice for the gym. The athletic cut and performance features make them ideal for working out and running.

Why Lululemon Shorts Are Great for the Gym

Lululemon designs shorts with intense workouts in mind. Here are some of the features that make their men’s shorts excel at the gym:

  • Stretch fabric – Lululemon uses sweat-wicking fabric like Warpstreme that contains lycra for stretch. This allows for full range of motion during exercises.
  • Built-in liner – The liner in Lululemon shorts provides compression and support, while laying smoothly under shorts. This is ideal for high-intensity intervals or lifting.
  • Breathable material – Shorts made from warpstreme, luon, or mesh fabric remain cool and ventilated during long workouts.
  • Side pockets – Side stash pockets can hold a phone, keys, or gym badge securely. This keeps valuables close at hand without bouncing around.
  • Reflective details – Some shorts have reflective piping or logos, making them ideal for an early morning or after-dark run.
  • Moisture-wicking – Lululemon shorts keep sweat away from the body and dry quickly thanks to moisture-wicking material.

Best Places to Buy Men’s Shorts

Where you buy men’s shorts depends on your needs and style preferences. Here are some top places to shop for men’s shorts:

Department Stores

Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Dillard’s have a wide selection of shorts from various brands. You can find casual flat-front shorts, cargo shorts, or dress shorts for work. The selection provides many choices at various price points.

Athletic Brands

Brands like Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas specialize in athletic shorts designed for sports and workouts. Look here for moisture-wicking performance material and features like built-in liners or reflective details. Expect to pay more for the technical fabric.

Outdoor Retailers

Stores like REI and L.L. Bean carry shorts designed for hiking, climbing, and outdoor activities. Look for shorts made of quick-dry fabric with UPF sun protection. Utility features include pockets, vents, and durable fabric.

Discount Retailers

Discount stores like Old Navy, Target, and Costco offer affordable shorts in cotton, linen, or stretch-cotton blends. Look for classic flat-front shorts or cargo shorts. The prices are lower but fewer technical features.


You can easily shop shorts at online retailers like Amazon Fashion, Backcountry, and Moosejaw. Browse shorts by activity, fit, or brand. Check sizing charts and reviews before ordering. Returns are easy for incorrect sizing.

So when looking for new men’s shorts, consider where you’ll wear them and what features you need. Search stores that align with your priorities, whether price, selection, performance, or convenience.

The Bottom Line

Shorts are a versatile addition to men’s summer wardrobes. Follow proper shorts etiquette by choosing the right length and fit. Athletic shorts like Lululemon are ideal for the gym, while flat-front chino shorts work for casual settings. Shop at athletic brands, department stores, and discount retailers to find shorts that meet your needs. With some simple guidelines, men can comfortably wear shorts for a stylish summer season.

Types of Shorts For Men

Do Guys Look Good in Shorts?

There is a long-running debate on whether men look good wearing shorts or not. The truth is, with the right pair of shorts and some styling tips, guys can absolutely rock the shorts look. Shorts can be very comfortable in warmer weather and allow freedom of movement. As long as you choose the proper shorts style and length for your body type, shorts are a worthwhile addition to any man’s wardrobe.

How to Choose the Right Shorts Style



The most flattering length for shorts varies depending on body type, but generally 7-9 inches from the top of the waistband is a safe bet. Longer legs can handle shorter lengths, while those with thicker thighs may want to go longer.

Consider Your Body Type

Not all shorts are created equal, nor do they suit all body types. Pay attention to your proportions before shopping. Men with longer legs may want to opt for longer shorts just above the knee, while shorter legs can wear high-thigh styles. Focus onwell-fitted waistbands that don’t gap or ride up. Avoid overly baggy cuts that add visual bulk.

Popular Shorts Styles

Here are some of the most versatile and in-style shorts options:

Chino shorts – A wardrobe staple, chino shorts come in flat or pleated front styles. Opt for neutral colors like navy, gray, khaki that can be dressed up or down.

Cargo shorts – Utility-inspired shorts with ample pockets. Cargo shorts work well for casual days spent outdoors.

Athletic shorts – Loose, breathable shorts made from performance fabrics. Perfect for workouts or lounging. Choose length at or below the knee.

Swim shorts – Quick-drying textiles in classic solids or printed patterns. Functional for the beach or poolside. 7-inch inseams strike the right balance.

Jean shorts – The denim equivalent, available in a dark or light wash with 5-9 inch inseams. Distressed styles lend a relaxed vibe.

Styling Tips to Flatter Your Figure

Now that you’ve selected the right shorts, how you style them can make a big difference in how you look. A few tips:

  • Pair shorts with fitted v-neck or crew neck t-shirts that balance the casual bottom half.
  • Wear sneakers, boat shoes or sandals. Avoid socks pulled up too high which can accentuate ankle bulk.
  • Accessorize sparingly with a watch, wallet chain or pair of shades. Too many accessories clutter the look.
  • Consider building around the shorts with a button down, open in warm weather. Shirt sleeves rolled to the elbows maintain an easygoing look.

The key is finding shorts you feel confident and comfortable in. With some consideration towards fit and styling tricks, guys have nothing to fear from rocking shorts during hot months ahead. Explore styles that compliment your best features and suit your individual taste. In the right context, shorts absolutely flatter the male form.

In general, shorts worn with confidence and pride in your own style is key. Focus on fit and flattering silhouettes versus risky lengths or baggy cuts. With some practice finding what works, shorts can absolutely be part of any man’s warm weather wardrobe.

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