Best Leather Jacket for Men: How to Buy a Quality Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Searching for the perfect leather jacket can feel like an impossible task. With so many styles, brands, colors, and details to consider, how do you narrow it down?

This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know about finding the best leather jacket to suit your style, budget, and needs.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets

The first step is understanding the different leather types used to make jackets, as this affects the look, feel, durability, and price.

Leather Jacket
  • Cowhide is the most common leather for jackets. Durable yet soft. Provides good insulation. Ages well over time. Usually thick and somewhat stiff.
  • Sheepskin – Very soft, flexible, and lightweight. Keeps you exceptionally warm. Quite expensive. Best for mild weather.
  • Deerskin – Thin, stretchy and breathable. Naturally water-resistant. Expensive yet durable. Ages beautifully over time.
  • Goatskin – Thick yet supple and flexible leather. Water-resistant. Abrasion-resistant. Costs less than cowhide.
  • Lambskin – Extremely soft, flexible, and lightweight. Offers less protection from cold. Prone to damage. Very expensive.

Consider factors like feel, durability, breathability and budget when choosing a leather type.

There are many stylish leather jacket options for men to choose from:

leather Jacket for Men
  • Bomber – Sporty and casual. Elastic band at waist and cuffs. Versatile for layering.
  • The racer style has diagonal zippers across the front. Sleek and form-fitting.
  • A motorcycle jacket has protective padding on elbows/shoulders. Perfect for bike riding.
  • The classic leather biker jacket has an edgy, rebellious look. Features asymmetrical zipper.
  • A Varsity leather jacket has a preppy, collegiate look. Usually, it is a bomber style with a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband.
  • The Cafe Racer style has bold diagonal or horizontal zipper pockets on the front. Very streamlined.

Consider your personal style, wardrobe and lifestyle needs when deciding on a leather jacket silhouette.

Finding Your Perfect Leather Jacket Fit

The right fit is essential when picking a long-term leather jacket. Follow these fit tips for your chosen jacket style:

Leather Jackets for Mens
  • Bombers: Choose your standard size for a trim fit or size up for the layering room. Standing naturally, hip-length styles should cover your backside without sagging.
  • Moto jackets: Lean towards slim sizes that contour but don’t constrict movement. Shoulders and sleeves should have full mobility without pulling at seams when riding.
  • Field jackets: Opt for your standard size and ensure full shoulder mobility. Hip length is preferred for ease of movement during outdoor pursuits.

Trying on different sizes is encouraged to get the ideal tailored feel. An imperfect fit won’t conform as nicely over years of wear. An alterations tailor can refine the fit on otherwise perfect leather jackets.

Choosing the Right Color

Sticking to a neutral Leather jacket with a hood for men’s colors ensures versatility within your wardrobe:

  • A brown leather jacket pairs well with shades like tan, olive, and maroon.
  • The black leather jacket works with any color palette. Edgy yet sophisticated.
  • A red leather jacket makes a bold style statement. Works best with black, white, or blue.
  • Consider a classic white leather jacket or pastel for a modern, eye-catching look.

Of course, you can always opt for more than one leather jacket in different hues!

Key Features & Details

Focus on these elements when selecting your jacket:

  • Buttery soft lambskin or supple calfskin provides luxurious comfort.
  • Look for full-grain leather instead of “genuine” leather for optimal durability.
  • A removable hood offers added warmth and weather protection.
  • Handwarmer zipper pockets keep hands toasty when temperatures drop.
  • Consider a quilted leather jacket liner for extra insulation and padding.
  • Reinforced elbow/shoulder padding prevents wear in high-friction areas.

Finding Quality Craftsmanship

Examining construction and hardware reveals true craftsmanship:

  • Even tight stitching prevents loosening over time.
  • Smooth zipper functionality prevents snags.
  • Durable, heavy-duty hardware stands up over time.
  • Reinforced seams prevent detachment or tearing.

Quality leather paired with meticulous craftsmanship results in a jacket offering both style and longevity.

Best Places to Buy Leather Jackets

Where you purchase matters when finding a high-quality leather jacket. Recommended retailers include:

Best Places to Buy jackets
  • Schott – Family-owned business producing leather since 1913. NYC made.
  • Wilsons Leather – Specialty leather goods store. Classic to trendy styles.
  • Nordstrom – Upscale department store. Carries top brands. Solid return policy.
  • Bloomingdales – Similar to Nordstrom. Trendy selections. Good sales.
  • Banana Republic – Refined styling and fits. Modern wardrobe-essentials.
  • Check manufacturer websites for direct sales and exclusive online styles.

By considering all these factors – leather type, style, fit, budget, colour and quality – finding your perfect Leather jacket with hood for men becomes much more straightforward. Investing in one great versatile leather jacket yields compliments and satisfaction for years to come.


What is the best men’s leather jacket brand?

Some top brands for leather jackets include Schott, Wilsons Leather, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, and Lucky Brand. High-end designer brands like Burberry, Hugo Boss, and Armani also make quality leather jackets.

What should men look for when buying a leather jacket?

Essential criteria include:

  • Choosing genuine leather over faux varieties.
  • Examining the construction quality and hardware.
  • Ensuring proper fit.
  • Selecting a versatile style and color that matches your wardrobe.

Determine if you need insulation or padding for your climate.

How much do good leather jackets for men cost?

Genuine leather jackets range widely in pricing but expect to invest at least $300 and up for a decent quality jacket, with luxury designers costing over $1000. Search end-of-season sales for the best pricing on premium brands.

What colors of leather jackets does every man need?

Every man should own a classic black and brown leather jacket for maximum versatility and wear. These pair seamlessly with so many wardrobe items. Expand into bolder shades like red or vibrant blue for modern flair.

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