Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair: Matching the Shade to Your Undertones

Burgundy Hair

Burgundy hair is having a major moment right now. The rich, wine-inspired hue looks great on so many different skin tones and can completely transform your look. But with so many variations of burgundy hairs color out there, how do you know which shade is right for you?

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know to find the most flattering burgundy hair for your complexion.

What is Burgundy Hair?

Burgundy hairs is a deep reddish-brown hair color that gets its name from the dark red wine. It’s an elegant, sophisticated hair shade that flatters both warm and cool skin undertones.

Unlike vibrant copper red hair, burgundy has more brown undertones mixed in that give it a darker, richer vibe. There are warm, brick-toned burgundy shades as well as cooler plum-toned varieties.

Burgundy hairs ranges from light reddish browns to deep oxblood hues. And it can be worn as a full head color or mixed with other shades as highlights or lowlights.

Which Skin Tones Look Best with Burgundy Hair?

The depth and undertones of burgundy hairs allow it to suit a wide range of complexions. Here’s a quick look at which skin tones are most flattered by this trendy hair color:

  • Medium to olive skin tones: Those with medium or olive complexions look gorgeous with burgundy hairs. The brownish-red tones mesh beautifully with medium warm skin.
  • Pale skin tones: Fair or porcelain complexions can definitely wear burgundy hair. Go for a shade with berry or plum undertones to complement your cool skin.
  • Darker skin tones: Deep complexions are complemented by the vibrancy of burgundy hair. Choosing a shade with a slight purple tint is especially lovely.

While burgundy hairs tends to suit warm, cool, and neutral complexions, there are certain shades that are more flattering than others. Keep reading for tips on choosing the best version for your skin’s undertones.

How to Select the Most Flattering Burgundy Hair for Your Skin Tone

With so many types of burgundy hairs color available, the key is choosing the right undertone to complement your complexion. Here are some top tips:

  • Have warm skin? Go for burgundy shades with brick, cinnamon, or mahogany undertones. Avoid plum-toned varieties.
  • Have cool skin? Burgundy shades with berry, rose, or violet undertones are most flattering. Stay away from golden burgundy tones.
  • Have neutral or olive skin? You can wear both warm and cool burgundy shades. Just stay away from shades that are too brassy or ashy.
  • Have darker skin? Intense oxblood and purple-tinted burgundy shades look beautiful and vibrant against deeper complexions.
  • Want a natural look? Opt for a burgundy shade that’s closest to your natural hair color with subtle warm highlights blended throughout.

When trying burgundy hairs colors, be sure to test a swatch first to see that flatters your complexion. Ask your stylist for advice as well. With the right shade choice, you’re sure to fall in love with this rich, romantic hair color.

Should You Go for Full-On Burgundy or Subtle Highlights?

How you apply the burgundy color will also impact how it pairs with your complexion. You have a couple of options:

All-over color: Getting your entire head saturated in burgundy makes a bold statement. This looks great if you have thicker hair and want maximum color impact.

Subtle highlights: For a more natural, understated enhancement, get fine burgundy highlights woven throughout your natural hair color. This technique brightens and complements your skin tone instead of overpowering it.

Ombré: Having darker burgundy color concentrated on the bottom part of your hair is a gorgeous option. It’s eye-catching but still rather natural.

In general, lighter complexions look best with an all-over lighter burgundy shade or subtle highlights. Darker complexions tend to suit deeper burgundy tones applied all over or as an ombré.

Flattering Makeup Shades to Wear with Burgundy Hair

Once you commit to burgundy locks, you’ll want your makeup to align with your new bold hair color. Here are some cosmetic shades that complement burgundy hair perfectly:

  • Lip colors: Dusty rose, mauve, cranberry, brick red, and nude pinks.
  • Eye shadows: Coppery browns, shimmering taupes, and soft violets.
  • Blush: Rosy pinks, peaches, and bronzed corals.

Avoid shades like electric blue or true red, which can clash. Focus on makeup in similar earthy, reddish tones for a beautifully pulled-together look.

How to Care for Burgundy Dyed Hair

Burgundy hair color requires some special care to stay vibrant. Here are a few haircare tips:

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and cooler water when washing to retain color.
  • Apply a weekly conditioning hair mask to boost moisture.
  • Rinse with apple cider vinegar to keep brassiness at bay.
  • Use leave-in treatments with UV filters to protect color from fading.
  • Get a gloss refresh every 4-6 weeks to maintain rich color.

With the proper maintenance, your burgundy hair will remain eye-catching for months.

Find Your Perfect Burgundy Hue

Burgundy hairs is truly stunning on so many different complexions. Now that you know how to pick the most complementary shades and techniques, you can rock this regal color with confidence.

Visit a talented colorist and show them your skin tone. Then ask for their recommendations on the ideal burgundy hue to enhance your look. A customized consultation will ensure you walk away with a shade that flatters beautifully.

Let your natural beauty shine through with rich, romantic burgundy hair in a tone that absolutely fits your skin’s undertones. You’ll love this sophisticated color choice!

What Color Should I Wear With Burgundy Hair

Is Burgundy Hair Color Attractive?

Burgundy hair color is a very attractive and stylish hair color choice. It is a deep shade of red that leans more towards purple than orange. Burgundy hairs adds richness, depth and sophistication to one’s look. Compared to brighter shades of red, burgundy is a more muted and subtle tone that is flattering on a wide range of skin tones. The wine-like hue makes burgundy hair appear smoother and shinier. It is a very versatile color that pairs well with many colors in clothing and accessories.

What is the Difference Between Red and Burgundy Hair?

Red hair color ranges from bright fire-engine red to deeper auburn shades. It has warm, orangey undertones that make it a bold and lively color. Burgundy hair, on the other hand, is cooler and leans more towards purple. It appears darker, richer and wine-like in comparison to red shades. Burgundy delivers a smokey, brooding look while red hair demands attention with its fiery vivacity. Burgundy hairs looks elegant and alluring, where red hair has daring, rebellious appeal. So in summary – red is bolder and brighter with orange tones whereas burgundy is deeper, muted and sophisticated with purplish undertones.

How Do I Know What Hair Color Looks Best on Me?

There is no single hair color that flatters all skin tones universally. The best way to determine your most complementary hair hue is to consider your natural skin tone, eye color and complexion. Warmer skin tones with peach or olive undertones typically look stunning with caramel, auburn or copper hair colors that pick up the golden tones in their complexion. Cooler, pinkish or fair skin is beautifully set off by ash brown, platinum blonde or burgundy locks that contrast without overwhelming the delicate coloring. Blueprint or hazel eyes pop against darker shades while green irises shine next to golds, reds and burgundies. Have a professional colorist help assess your features to guide you towards colors that harmonize beautifully with your individual attributes. With the right shade, your hair can make a lovely frame for your face!

So in summary, experiment with burgundy – a versatile and universally flattering shade that will pair well with most colors. Consider your features and undertones to choose the perfect complementary hair color that highlights your best features. Most importantly, pick a hue that excites you and makes you feel confident and beautiful!

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