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Buying American: The Top Clothing Brands Still Made in the USA

Top Clothing Brands

In recent decades, much of the apparel manufacturing industry has moved overseas to reduce production costs. However, there are still many great American clothing brands that manufacture their products domestically in the United States. Supporting these brands helps preserve jobs and economic growth at home.

This article will highlight some of the top clothing brands made in the USA. We’ll explore their origins, manufacturing processes, sustainability initiatives, and must-have items to add to your wardrobe.

Why Buy American-Made Clothes?

There are many good reasons to seek out American-made clothing:

American-Made Clothes
  • Support domestic manufacturing and jobs. When you buy American, more revenue stays in the local economy rather than being outsourced. This helps support American workers and communities.
  • Better quality and craftsmanship. American brands closely oversee production and often use higher-grade materials. The clothes are built to last longer.
  • Ethical and sustainable. Buying local reduces shipping miles and carbon emissions. American brands also closely monitor factory conditions and materials.
  • Unique style and design. American brands are known for heritage style with modern twists, creative detailing, and on-trend style.
  • Customization. Many US brands offer made-to-order services and custom clothing options to get the perfect fit.

Top American Clothing Brands for women

Here are some leading women’s American clothing brands to shop for elevated everyday style:

Top American Clothing Brands


Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Everlane believes in radical transparency about its factories and supply chain. They create minimalist, ethical everyday basics, denim, shoes, and accessories.

Popular items:

  • Box-cut tee
  • The Japanese, however, oxford
  • High-rise skinny jeans
  • Day heel
  • Recycled puffer jacket


The iconic Levi’s denim brand has been synonymous with American style since 1850. While not all products are US-made, their premium “Made in the USA” collection spotlights heritage craftsmanship.

Popular items: 501 original jeans, 1950s high-rise shorts, trucker jackets, Wedgie fit jeans.

American Giant

American Giant uses sustainable US fabrics and manufacturing for its range of casual yet technical apparel: hoodies, tees, joggers, shorts and more for men and women.

Popular items:


This LA-based brand transforms vintage Levi’s into modern, reworked styles like crop tops, cut-off shorts, skirts, and jackets. Shop Re/Done for vintage Americana with a trendy twist.

Popular items: High Rise Stove Pipe Jeans, 1950s High Rise Shorts, the Stove Pipe Jeans, Long Sleeve Splatter Tee.

Top American Clothing Brands for Men

Here are well-known US clothing brands creating classic menswear and rugged Americana:

Brands for Men

Flint and Tinder

Flint and Tinder make premium casual menswear staples, including tees, hoodies, underwear, and loungewear. Their clothes utilize US-grown Supima cotton.

Popular items: 365 Jogger, 365 Pant, 10-Year Hoodie, Boxer Briefs.

Buck Mason

This LA brand focuses on everyday men’s style essentials constructed from the finest fabrics in a vertical supply chain. Browse tees, shirts, outerwear and more at Buck Mason.

Popular items: Slub cotton t-shirt, Westside Chino, Rollneck Long Sleeve, Denim Chore Jacket.

Todd Snyder

New York designer Todd Snyder combines Savile Row tailoring with modern silhouettes and athletic inspiration. Shop the Todd Snyder collection for premium menswear.

Popular items: Sweatpants, lightweight bomber jacket, cashmere crew neck sweater, tailored chinos.

Duluth Trading Co.

This Wisconsin brand makes rugged, durable workwear and outdoor apparel for men and women. Expect innovative fabrics and solutions-based designs. See the Duluth Trading Co. collection.

Popular items: Long tail t-shirts, Buck Naked underwear, ballroom jeans, Dry on the Fly pants.

American-Made Shoes and Accessories

Complete your look with these US-crafted shoes, jewelry, bags, and more:

Shoes and Accessories
  • Allbirds: Sustainably-made wool and tree fibre sneakers and loungewear.
  • Wolverine: Rugged leather boots and shoes built for the American worker.
  • Shinola: Skillfully crafted watches, jewelry, leather goods, and journals made in Detroit.
  • Hedi Slimane: Rock chic leather boots and bags designed in Los Angeles.
  • Karen Walker: Stylish sunglasses and optical frames from New York.
  • Clare V.: Cute and colourfully printed handbags and accessories designed in LA.

The Importance of Manufacturing Locally

Supporting homegrown brands keeps dollars circulating in the US economy. When production is domestic, brands can also closely monitor factors like worker conditions and environmental impact.

With some research, you can find ethically made and sustainable clothing from American brands that match your style. Seek out quality over quantity, and invest in enduring staples and heritage pieces that will last in your closet for years to come.


Purchasing from American clothing companies supports domestic manufacturing and jobs. It also gives you better oversight on aspects like product quality, working conditions, and sustainability versus imported fast fashion.

Often yes, American brands focus on artisan craftsmanship with premium materials built to last. However, quality depends on the specific brand and manufacturing standards. Some imported brands also make high-quality goods.

American-made clothes often come at a higher price point because of higher domestic manufacturing costs, smaller economies of scale, and the use of premium ingredients. However, the quality can make items worth the investment.

Check brand websites for manufacturing information. Look for keywords like “Made in USA”, “Made in America”, or details on US factories. Retailers like American Giant, Flint and Tinder, Buck Mason, and Domestic Goods also focus on US-made goods.

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