Cheap Gym Clothes for Men: Tips to Choose Best Workout Clothes

Gym Clothes for Men

Going to the gym and working out is a great way for men to stay healthy, build muscle, and feel more confident. But having the right gym clothes can make a huge difference in how comfortable, productive, and attractive you look and feel during your workouts. The right athletic apparel can motivate you to push yourself harder, while the wrong clothes can be restrictive and distracting.

Luckily, gym clothing options for men have expanded enormously in recent years with innovative fabrics and functional designs perfect for everything from weightlifting to cardio and cross-training. Here’s a guide to help you find the best gym shirts, shorts, and pants for men to take your workouts to the next level.

Choosing Gym T-Shirts for Men

Your shirt is the foundation of any gym outfit. With so many choices out there, what should you look for?

Gym Clothes for Men

Materials and Fit

A good gym t-shirt needs to check a few boxes:

  • Breathable and sweat-wicking: Look for lightweight fabrics like polyester that will keep you cool and dry. Avoid thick, heavy cotton shirts that will get soaked with sweat and weigh you down.
  • Flexible and mobile: The best men’s workout shirts will stretch and move with you through any exercise. A shirt that’s too loose can catch on equipment, while one that’s too tight can restrict your range of motion.
  • Flattering fit: A comfortable, athletic-cut shirt that fits close but isn’t restrictive can give you a great look while you work out. Oversize gym t shirts and bulky shirts hide your physique.


Consider the details that improve performance and convenience:

  • Mesh panels: Strategically placed mesh keeps you ventilated as you heat up.
  • Thumbholes: Extend the sleeves past your wrists and hook your thumbs through holes to keep the sleeves in place.
  • Reflective details: Small reflective strips and logos improve visibility for early morning or nighttime workouts.


Don’t forget about style – choose shirts in colours, prints, and designs that reflect your personality:

  • Bright colours: Choose bold, bright hues that energize your workout.
  • Cool graphics: Find shirts with inspiring quotes, designs, or your favourite superhero logo.
  • Basics: Classic black, white, and grey shirts can’t go wrong.
  • Stringers: Sleeveless shirts show off those arms.
  • Humorous prints: A funny gym shirt can make working out more fun. Check out silly sayings and meme prints to get laughs at the gym.

When shopping, pick up a few men’s gym tee shirts that combine performance with style so you always have a clean option ready for your next gym session.

Finding the Best Workout Shorts for Men

A good pair of shorts is crucial for feeling comfortable and unrestricted during exercise. Look for these features:

shorts for mens

Lightweight Fabric

Light, breathable fabric is ideal for workout shorts to prevent overheating. Synthetic blends with spandex move with you and offer stretch.

Improved Fit

Look for an athletic cut and design so your shorts:

  • Feel secure without restricting movement
  • Won’t ride up as you lift and stretch
  • Provide adequate coverage and range of motion


Conveniently stash small essentials in gym shorts with zip pockets or athletic shorts with zipper pockets. Just avoid shorts where bulky items create uncomfortable bumps and distractions.


Choose a length based on comfort and personal preference:

  • Seven or 9-inch inseams provide a great range of motion.
  • Longer options (up to 14 inches) provide more coverage.
  • 5-inch running shorts give maximum airflow for cardio.

Finding Quality and Value in Gym Clothes

Gym Clothes

Buy Essentials First

Start by investing in versatile basics like black, grey, and white shirts, shorts, and pants that you can mix and match.

Add pops of colour and unique designs over time.

Focus on Technical Fabrics

Pay for performance-enhancing tech like moisture-wicking fabric over branding.

  • Shop Sales and Clearance – Take advantage of sales events and clearance sections to add to your gym wardrobe at discounted prices. Sign up for brand newsletters and alerts to find deals.
  • Consider Affordable Brands – Brands like Hanes and Champion make high-quality athletic clothing for less than premium brands. Online retailers like Gymshark also offer great performance at lower price points.
  • Buy in Bulk – Take advantage of bulk pricing online for basics like multi-packs of shirts and shorts.
  • Compare Prices – Shop online and check sites like AliExpress for extremely low prices on cheap gym clothes for men.

Finding Your Signature Gym Style

Choosing Gym Clothes for Men you feel confident and comfortable in is key. Consider what gym look aligns with your personality and goals:

  • Motivated Minimalist – Stick to basics like black shorts and simple t-shirts in athletic cuts that allow you to focus on your workout.
  • Bodybuilder – Show off muscle definition with bodybuilding tank tops, stringer shirts, and shorter shorts.
  • Urban Athlete – You can wear Streetwear vibes with joggers, hoodies, and high-top sneakers in and out of the gym.
  • Old School Lifter – Classic sweatpants, logo tees, and baseball caps give you a gritty, old-school lifting mindset.
  • High Performance – Scientifically engineered moisture-wicking shirts, compression pants, and shoes give you a technological edge.
  • Fun-Loving GuyFunny gym shirts for guys and colourful, flashy accessories show you don’t take workouts too seriously.

Complete Your Gym Wardrobe

Finish off your workout wardrobe with these additional items:

Gym Wardrobe
  • Compression gear: Tights and shorts boost circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Insulated jackets: Stay warm during outdoor winter workouts or in cold gyms.
  • Hats: Baseball caps keep sweat out of your eyes.
  • Supportive underwear: Avoid chafing and discomfort with moisture-wicking briefs and boxer briefs.
  • Socks: Breathable, moisture-wicking pairs prevent blisters and odour.
  • Headbands and wristbands: Absorb sweat during intense training sessions.
  • Gym bags: Let a duffel or backpack hold your gear and swap it after workouts.

Take Your Gym Style to the Next Level

Now that you know what to look for in high-performance, comfortable gym wear for men, it’s time to start shopping and putting together workout looks that make you feel motivated, confident, and ready to tackle any exercise. Finding what clothes to wear in the gym is the first step to looking and performing at your best.


Focus on well-fitted workout clothes in materials that enhance your physique. Stay hydrated and use facial products designed for sweaty exercise. Also, maintain good posture and be friendly to exude confidence.

Joggers are a comfortable option for the gym as they are made from lightweight, stretchy, sweat-wicking material and don’t restrict movement. Avoid heavy cotton joggers that can weigh you down and cause overheating.

Lightweight hoodies are fine for warm-up and cool-down periods. However, avoid wearing heavy cotton hoodies during intense exercise, as you may quickly overheat. Opt for sweat-wicking hooded workout shirts instead.

Some of the top brands for men’s workout apparel include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lululemon, Gymshark, Rhone, Ten Thousand, and Brooks. Look for brands that use high performance fabrics.

Shop sales events, clearance racks, and outlet stores. Sign up for brand newsletters and alerts to get notified of promotions. Buy versatile basics over branded items. Compare prices online to find the best deals.

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