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Girls & Women’s Eyewear Guide: Trendy Frames in sunglasses

With so many frame choices available today, selecting a flattering and fashionable pair of glasses can seem impossible. But have no fear; this definitive eyewear guide on finding the most attractive and cute glass frame shapes for girls and women is here to help!

We’ll cover the latest eyewear guide, compare frame styles to balance and complement different face shapes, review top brands that offer chic and affordable women’s glasses, and provide tips on choosing lenses and lens treatments.

Read on for insider advice so you can pick eyeglasses for women and girls that make you look and feel your confident, stylish best!

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This year’s top trends for women’s eyeglasses feature playful, feminine shapes with a retro-modern twist. Think cat eyes, rounded geometrics, transparent colors, and artsy details on the frames.

Cat-eye glasses are having a significant moment right now. Their upswept shape adds a delicate lift at the outer corners, which can create the illusion of a subtle eye lift. It’s a timelessly flattering look. They were upgraded with transparent frames in light pink, crystal clear, or pale tortoiseshell patterns.

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Geometric frames are also updated this year with rounded shapes, lighter transparent colors, and steel wireframe accents on the top line of more giant-sized glasses. The soft rounded corners help balance wider facial shapes beautifully.

You’ll also spot glasses with artful patterns like polka dots, floral designs, or abstract line details gracing the temples of both cat-eyes and geometric frames this spring. It adds artistic flair you won’t find everywhere for unique glasses that match your style.

Determine The Best Frame Shapes For Your Face

With so many on-trend glass frame shapes available, how do you narrow it down to find the most flattering pair for your facial features?

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Follow this simple guide matching frame shapes to common face shapes below:

Heart-shaped face: Look for cat-eye, oval, and rimless frame styles. The angles and width of these frames help add balance.

Round face: Geometric shapes with angular lines, rectangle frames, and aviator-style lenses best slim a fuller face shape visually.

Square face: Soften square jawlines with round, oval, small frames that don’t extend past the widest part of your cheeks.

Oblong face: Make a longer face appear more proportional with horizontal cat-eye frames or rounded shapes that don’t extend too high or low vertically.

Choosing women’s eyeglass frames that contrast and complement your facial structure for a harmonious style is the idea. But don’t be afraid to break those “rules” too! Confidence is always the best accessory.

Top Budget-Friendly Places To Shop Cute Girls & Women’s Glasses

You can easily spend a small fortune on designer eyewear. But the good news is many affordable eyewear retailers offer just as many chic and contemporary glass frame options without the sticker shock.

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Here are five top places to shop stylish and inexpensive women’s glasses both online and in-stores across America:

1. America’s Best: Offers eye exams, contacts, and hundreds of the latest glasses styles starting around $70, including lenses. You can filter frame choices by favorites like cat-eyes, vintage-inspired, and more.

2. EyeBuyDirect: An extensive online selection of on-trend glasses imported from the same factories as expensive luxury brands but at radically lower prices, starting at $6, prescriptions included.

3. Zenni: Another online optical shop with incredible prescription glasses and sunglasses prices. Basic frames with single-vision lenses start at only $6.95 here, too!

4. GlassesUSA: Modern glasses and sunglasses frame styles for just $30 that you can try virtually with the online app. Lenses, coatings, and options like blue-light blocking are also affordable here.

5. Target Optical eyewear: Brick-and-mortar one-stop-shopping for the latest eyewear guide trends conveniently located inside most Target stores and online. Prices start low with deals available.

The bottom line is you can easily find fashionable, affordable frames at all these major eyeglass retailers without blowing your budget.

Flattering Sunglasses For Girls & Women This Season  

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Spring and summer styles are complete with fabulous sunglasses, too! Two must-have shapes that look cute on girls and women this season are:

Iconic aviator sunglasses: The wire-rimmed pilot shape works with all face shapes and never goes out of fashion. Go for a mirrored lens this year, which adds a modern edge to the classic style.

Oversized cat-eye sunglasses protect your skin from harmful UV exposure in style with vintage 1950s inspiration. The extra coverage Cat-eyes provide is ideal for summer, too.

Major Sunglasses Brands Offering Hot Styles


All the major fashion houses like Guess, Coach, and Ray-Ban carry attractive sunglasses for women in these popular oversized cat-eye and skinny aviator shapes.

For smaller budgets, Amazon’s in-house brands like WearMe Pro and SOJOS provide unique quality replica styles of those designer looks for under $20. You really can’t tell the difference visually!

Whether you splurge on Prada sunglasses or save with Look + See, the most important thing is finding correctly protective lenses with 100% UV blocking. That ensures healthy eyes while staying on top of trends.

Choosing Lenses & Coatings For Girls and Women’s Glasses

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While fashionable frames top the priority list when selecting new eyeglasses, choosing the right lenses is essential for all-day comfort and vision clarity.

Here’s an overview of the most popular lens options among girls and women right now:

Single vision: Single-vision lenses optimize sharpness at all distances if you don’t suffer from presbyopia. They come in lightweight plastics, scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and high-index materials.

Progressive lenses: No-line multifocal lenses for seamless transitions between different zones. Great for those over 40 who need help focusing up close and far away through one adaptive set of lenses.

Blue light filtering: Blocks high energy visible (HEV) blue light emitted from digital screens that can negatively impact sleep and eye health over time—a must for our tech-centric lifestyles.  

Photochromic lenses: Change tint depth automatically when exposed to UV light outdoors, adding sunglass-like protection on demand without carrying two sets of eyewear.

Each lens choice has advantages for different vision needs and lifestyles. Talk to your optometrist about customizing your glasses with specialty coatings, like anti-reflective finishing for night driving and oleophobic treatments that prevent irritating smudges and fingerprints on your glasses all day.

Complete Eyewear guide For Complementary Style

With this definitive guide’s worth of tips and recommendations on choosing eyewear frames guide, lenses, and stylish finishing touches that maximize comfort and confidence, you have all the tools to assemble your dream glasses wardrobe!

Focus first on selecting frames in shapes flattering to your facial proportions from the hottest trends. Then, explore lens options addressing your eye health priorities, such as protecting from blue light exposure or keeping pesky fingerprints at bay.


The final step is accessorizing your glasses to reflect your tastes and style. Add artistic patterns on geometric frames or opt for on-trend transparent hues in soft pinks and crystal clear. Complement ensembles from office to evening out settings with coordinating cases and straps styled just how you like.

Confidence and comfort shine through when you adorn yourself in eyewear that makes you feel uniquely your best self. With this definitive guide shedding light on all the various elements that combine to create frames suited ideally for you, may you see – and be seen – beautifully top glasses fashions!

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