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How to wear a flannel shirt women for a Cozy Look

Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are a wardrobe staple that every woman needs. Women’s heavy flannel shirt are perfect for fall and winter when you want to stay warm and cozy. Flannel is a soft, brushed fabric that is lightweight yet warm. Flannel shirts for women come in a range of stylish plaid prints and colors, like classic red and black womens red flannel shirt.

A flannel shirt is versatile and can be dressed up or down effortlessly. A woman’s flannel shirt outfit will always look put together when appropriately styled. Here is how to wear and care for women’s flannel shirts to maximize your new cozy top.

How to Style a Women’s Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts may seem simple, but they can be styled in many ways for various occasions. Here are some tips on how to wear and style women’s flannel shirts for a fashionable look:

Women's Flannel Shirt

For a Casual Daytime Look

  • Pair a women’s flannel with jeans, leggings, and sneakers for a relaxed daytime outfit. This women’s flannel shirt outfit works great for running errands or weekend activities.
  • Try tying a flannel around your waist over a tank top or tee. This gives you extra warmth and creates a fun styling detail.
  • Wear a neutral or white flannel under overalls or dungarees for a chic grunge vibe.

For a Date Night or Night Out

  • Dress up a flannel with faux leather leggings or pants and heeled booties. This creates a cool casual look perfect for a date or girls’ night out.
  • Layer a flannel over a feminine cami dress. Cinch the flannel at the waist with a belt to accentuate your shape.
  • Create contrast by wearing a menswear-inspired flannel shirt with a silky midi skirt and tall boots.

Work and Interviews

  • Tuck a collared flannel into high-waisted trousers or a skirt for a professional work-appropriate outfit.
  • Layer a tailored blazer or cardigan over your flannel shirt to give it a pulled-together look.
  • Pair a neutral flannel with black trousers or a pencil skirt for job interviews. Finish with minimal jewelry and classic pumps.

How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Women

Flannel shirt outfits range from casual to dressy, so that you can style your flannel shirt in many ways.

Shirt for Women

Here are some tips on how to wear a flannel shirt women:

  • Leave your flannel shirt unbuttoned and open over a tank or tee for a relaxed fit.
  • Tie up an oversized flannel shirt at the waist to cinch it in and show your shape.
  • Wear your flannel open with the sleeves rolled up to show off a cute bralette underneath.
  • Layer a long available flannel shirt over leggings and a crop top for a grungey 90s vibe.
  • Button your flannel up all the way and tuck it into jeans or trousers for a tidy, preppy look.
  • Half-tuck or full-tuck your flannel into a skirt for a chic style. Add a statement belt, too.
  • Pair an open flannel shirt with a maxi dress for warmth and a cool layered look.

Tips for Washing Flannel Shirts

Caring for flannel is easy, as it is a reasonably low-maintenance fabric. However, you should take some special steps when washing flannel to protect the soft brushed nap and prevent shrinking.

Here are some helpful flannel-washing tips:

  • Wash flannel shirts in cold water to prevent fading and shrinkage from hot water.
  • Use a gentle detergent formulated for delicates when washing flannel. Harsh detergents can damage the fibers over time.
  • Never wash or dry clean flannel shirts with another laundry, as zippers and hooks from jeans, etc, can snag the flannel and pill the fabric.
  • Skip the wash and air out flannel shirts between wears when possible, rather than washing after every use.
  • Dry the flannel on low heat in the dryer and remove it immediately while still slightly damp. Allow the rest of the room to air dry to prevent over-drying.
  • To minimize wrinkles and maintain the brushed texture, hang flannel shirts to dry rather than using the dryer.

With proper care and styling, a women’s flannel shirt can stay cozy and stylish for many seasons. Experiment with outfit ideas and care for your flannel gently to get the most wear out of this versatile closet staple.


Neutral colored flannels like tan, gray, and navy are versatile and easy to pair with most outfits. Classic red and black buffalo plaid flannels are also wardrobe staples that complement everything.

A flannel shirt should fit comfortably loose but not overly baggy. Go for a relaxed fit that is modest in the bust and sleeves. Size up for a roomier, cozier feel or size down for a more tailored fit.

Elevate a casual flannel by layering it over dresses, tucking into a skirt, or pairing with faux leather pants and heels. Add jewelry and sleek hair/makeup for a dressed up effect.

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