Level Up Your Watch: A Man’s Guide to Timeless Watch Style

Level Up Your Watch

Watches remain one of the most popular accessories for men in 2023. With so many options on the market, from luxurious diamond watches to affordable yet stylish timepieces, finding the right watch can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about choosing and wearing the perfect men’s watch this year.

Diamond Watches – Luxury and Style

Level Up Your Watch

Diamond watches offer elegance and luxury for the man who enjoys finer things. Encrusted with glittering diamonds, often set in precious metals like gold or platinum, these timepieces make a profound style statement.

Leading watch brands like Rolex, Hublot, and TAG Heuer offer stunning diamond watch models. A sparkling diamond watch will undoubtedly up your style game for momentous occasions.

Best Color Watches to Match Your Style

Level Up Your Watch

While silver and black watches remain popular neutral options, don’t shy away from adding a dash of color. Blue dial watches are on-trend this year, ranging from navy to bright azure. Rose gold and copper-colored watches also add warmth and visual interest. Match your watch color to your style- bold, vibrant, subtle, and sophisticated.

Affordable yet Quality Watches

You don’t have to break the bank to find a great quality timepiece. Many brands offer excellent cheap watches for men under $500. Japanese quartz movement watches from Seiko, Citizen, and Bulova offer precision timekeeping for much less. Fashion watches from Fossil, Armani Exchange, and more also have stylish, good looks without the sticker shock.

Dress Watches – For Professional Polish

A sleek dress watch completes any professional ensemble with sophistication. Opt for minimalist designs with thin cases and leather straps in black or brown. Neutral metal bracelet versions work nicely, too. Choose a dress watch with a simple face showcasing index markers for a modern edge rather than numerals.

Casual Watch Styles

casual watches

Casual watches for men encompass a wide variety of flexible, laid-back designs. Choose a field watch design with military inspiration or a diving watch with a rotating bezel and vibrant, sporty colors. Textured NATO watch straps also lend a relaxed vibe. Large-faced pilot watches in eye-catching shades add visual appeal. Distressed leather and fabric straps complement casual wear, too.

Square and Rectangle Watch Shapes

watches in different shapes

Beyond traditional round cases, square and rectangle watches offer fresh aesthetic appeal. These unique shapes complement both dressy and casual looks. From iconic Cartier Tanks to minimalist Daniel Wellingtons, square/rectangle watches make an artistic style statement. Intricate watch complications also stand out better on the vast open-face canvas.

Oversize and Ultra Large Watch Cases

Continuing last year’s trend, oversized watchcases show no signs of shrinking. Big watches for men range from 44mm upward to a substantial 50+mm diameter. These jacked-up proportions make the watch impossible to ignore and add plenty of wrist presence.

The plus-sized scale spans styles from Swiss skeleton watches to rugged outdoor pieces. Ultra-large watches aren’t for the faint-hearted – be bold or go home. what could be better than a watch personalized just for you? 

Custom watches for men allow you to select everything from the watch movement and case to specialty engraving and more. Have your name, initials, or meaningful quote etched onto the watch back or band. Build a unique watch as one-of-a-kind as you are. Popular custom watch brands include Undone, Oak & Oscar, and MORELLATO.

Best Watches for Work


Work watches need to withstand daily office wear while retaining professional polish. Stainless steel cases boast resilience and sheen. Leather straps should feature sturdy double stitching—display essentials like day, date, and even day/night indicators. Water resistance protects against workplace spills or restroom splashes.

Every profession has specialized work watch needs, so choose one that fits. with limitless styles available in 2023, choosing just one watch can be challenging. Narrow your selection by reflecting on your personal needs and preferences. Consider your budget, wardrobe style, and color palette.

Do you need niche features like a stopwatch or alarm? Dress watches don’t work for diving and vice versa. Identify must-haves before visiting retailers or browsing online.

Most Popular Watch Brands & Styles

Certain brands and styles appear frequently when scanning well-dressed men’s wrists. Timex Weekender remains wildly popular for its versatility and low cost. The Cartier Tank dress watch is a timeless classic.

For outdoors people, Casio G-Shocks and Luminox watches rule. Rolex, Omega, and TAG Heuer dominate the luxury market. Ultimately, the right watch depends on the individual, Focus on quality, style, and fit over hype.

why choose just one metal when you can have two? 

Two-tone watches for men combine steel and yellow gold or rose gold for visual appeal.This blending adds warmer tones to stainless steel’s cool gleam.

Explore two-tone across watch styles – from multi-function sports watches to diamond-decked dress watches—brands like Invicta, Seiko, Victorinox, and more offer affordable mixed metal options.

GMT Watches

gmt watches

GMT watches cater perfectly to the global trotter with multiple time zones to track. These specialized timepieces showcase a main hour hand, a minute hand, and an extra GMT hand to display a second-time zone.

Turn the bezel or an additional crown to adjust without stopping the watch. Popular travel-friendly features also include day/night indicators and aviation-inspired designs.


Technology and timekeeping collide with high-functioning smartwatches for men. Leading the wearables pack are Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit. Receive notifications, track health metrics, monitor activity, and utilize apps.

With vastly improved style options, today’s smartwatches meld right into even the most fashionable wardrobes. Elevated designs now incorporate premium materials and customization, too.

Bracelets Watches

braclets watches

Remember to consider how you will wear your watch when making a selection. Watch bands for men span materials from precious metals to rubber sports straps. Stainless steel bracelets deliver resilience and sheen for daily wear. 

Leather straps offer a refined yet rugged vibe. Silicone rubber straps flex during watersports and workouts. Mix and match case colors and straps for versatile styling.

Minimalist Watches

For the man who favors subtlety over flash, a minimalist watch has quiet appeal. Stripped to the basics without overcomplicating details, these watches exude effortless sophistication. Sleek, ultra-thin cases, clean dials with simple sticks or dots for indexes, and unembellished bands define this aesthetic. Scandinavian watchmakers like Skagen and Danish Design offer minimalist watches for any occasion.

Vintage Watch Styles

vintage watches

Vintage-style watches tap into nostalgia while featuring modern updates. Iconic features from historical eras, reintroduced with contemporary tweaks, blend past and present seamlessly. Vintage dive watch designs recall rugged 1960s tool models but with upgraded mechanics. 

Vintage military watches pull stylization from 1940s officer’s chronographs but with cutting-edge tech. Established brands like Hamilton and Tissot do vintage elegantly.

Watch Complications

Beyond simply telling time, watch complications add expanded utility functions. Complications span from simple date displays to sophisticated astronomical timekeeping and more. Chronograph complications measure elapsed time via stopwatch functions. GMT complications enable tracking multiple time zones. The world is your playground when you’ve got an array of watch complications at your fingertips!

Caring for Your Watch Properly

Your investment timepiece deserves attentive care and handling. Store watches in protective cases when not being worn. Regular winding is essential for mechanical watches to maintain precision and power reserve. Inspect bracelets and bands periodically to check for damaged or worn straps needing replacement. Arrange professional service checks every 3-5 years. Treat your watch well for a lifetime of use.

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