Beach Outfit

Look Hot at beach: A Beach Outfit Inspiration Guide

Beach Outfit

Summer is here and a beach vacation is calling your name. Time to soak up the sun, dip your toes in the ocean, and look stylish doing it. With the right beach outfit ideas, you can look chic and feel fabulous on your seaside getaway. This beach style guide covers how to pick the perfect dresses, choose complementary colors, and pull together full vacation looks that are practical, pretty and packable.

The Well-Suited Beach Dress

When deciding what to wear to the beach, your best bet is always a dress. Opt for styles and fabrics that are lightweight, breathable and handle wetness from ocean splashes or pool dips.

Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress with spaghetti straps or a halter neckline allows you to maximize sun exposure for an enviable tan. Go for a vibrant printed or solid color maxi that fits close up top then flows loosely from under the bust down. These elongated dresses are super flattering and elegant.

Shift & Shirt Dresses

For more coverage, choose a sleeveless shift dress made of cotton, rayon or linen. A shirt dress with a breezy silhouette also works well, offering versatility to wear open over a swimsuit or buttoned up. Seek out shift and shirt dress styles in bright, sunny colors and pretty patterns.


Speaking of versatility, don’t forget the beach cover-up! Hip-length, lightweight cardigans, kimonos and caftans make excellent layering pieces over your swimsuit. They allow quick coverage for walking to the snack bar or sundown strolls on the beach.

Swimsuits: The Two-Piece Wins

Own it in a bikini! For the iconic beach look, go for a two-piece swimsuit in a color or print you adore. The bikini is a warm-weather wardrobe staple that makes you feel beach-ready. A supportive halter style top paired with cheeky, hipster or high-waisted bottoms is both practical and pretty. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Beach Outfit Color Inspiration

Now let’s get into the hues that popped off the beach. Lean towards lighter values, pastels and brights when picking your dream destination palette.

Soft & Light

White or cream dresses give off a soft, breezy vibe perfect for seaside strolls. Go for crochet or lace fabric textures to up the angelic appeal. Add a pop of color with a floral hair clip or woven handbag.

Sweet Pastels

Pretty in pink! A pale pink sundress signals vacation mode. Accent your pastel pieces with tropical prints in lilac, mint and peach for a punch of color. Add lightweight open knit cardigans in these soft hues layered over your swim top and cutoff shorts.

Ocean Blues

From turquoise to teal, deep sea blue beautifully complements sun-kissed skin. Try an electric cobalt dress or neon aqua cover-up to really make waves. Navy and royal blue also stun seaside.

Tropical Bright’s

Punchy coral, tangy tangerine and lime green capture the tropical landscape. Don apricot maxi dresses, citrus cover-ups and fuchsia swimsuits. Bottom line, any color goes at the beach!

What Not To Wear On A Beach Vacation

Now that we’ve covered what you should wear, let’s talk about what to avoid on a beach getaway.

Steer clear of the following fashion faux pas by the shore:

  • Heavy fabrics like wool that will leave you hot and bothered. Pass on denim too.
  • Revealing cutouts, mesh panels or miniskirt hemlines that can overexpose skin to sunburn.
  • Overly daring bikini cuts that may violate resort rules.Same for thong or Brazilian cut bottoms.
  • Flimsy accessories like straw bags and floppy hats that can blow away in ocean breezes.
  • Impractical shoes like wedges or strappy sandals that just don’t work on sandy terrain.

The Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Packing for a beach trip presents challenges like limited luggage space. Utilize these tips to create a streamlined beach capsule wardrobe that covers all your seaside needs:

  • Stick to 2-3 neutral colored dresses to mix and match. Black, white, tan and navy are perfect neutral bases.
  • Choose 1 bold printed dress that packs a punch. Hawaiian floral, bright tie dye, or crazy tribal prints speak to the exotic destination.
  • Include 1 versatile cover-up that layers over both swimsuits and dresses.
  • Only pack 2 bathing suits since you’ll likely be in just those at the beach or pool. Make one a statement print.
  • Add 2 pairs of shorts like denim cutoffs and solid Bermuda shorts to throw on over suit bottoms.
  • Mix in crop tops and tanks that work for layering or wearing alone. Options include the white button-down beach shirt and any brightly colored, sunny tank.
  • Finish with beachy footwear like flat leather sandals, waterproof pool slides, and strappy flip flops.

That capsulizes the key pieces for looking sensational seaside! Simply add fun sunglasses, lightweight wedge espadrilles if you have room, and a wide-brim sunhat for the complete beach babe ensemble.

Bronze Babes: A Beach Vacation Style Guide

Keep this beach outfit inspiration guide on hand while planning looks for your upcoming seaside escapade. From flatteringly chic dresses to the perfect swimsuits, you’ll be a bronze beach bombshell in no time. Just don’t forget to apply that SPF – safety first, fashion second!

Looking Good at the Beach

 Beach Wear

Beach wear is clothing designed to be worn at the beach. Typically, beach wear is lightweight, breezy fabrics that allow airflow and dry quickly. Fabrics like linen, cotton, and breathable synthetics are commonly used. Since beaches involve swimming, surfing or other water activities, beach wear should not retain water or become heavy when wet. Minimizing tight fits, thick seams or heavy materials helps beach wear dry fast and feel comfortable in the sun or after getting splashed by waves. Pieces like shorts, swim bottoms, cover ups, sundresses and rash guards work well as beach wear.

Beach Casual Style

Dressing casually for the beach means opting for effortless silhouettes and relaxed fits. Lightweight shorts, mini skirts or sundresses in breezy fabrics allow the body to move freely yet cover what you want. Tank tops, camis or strappy tops pair well on top. Footwear is optional at the beach, but flip flops or sandals secure enough for walking on hot sand or through shallow water work nicely. Accessories like hats, sunglasses and simple gold jewelry add polish without weighing one down. Beach casual is all about being comfortable in your skin with minimal hassle from clingy or constrictive clothes. Colors that blend with the seaside like whites, blues, yellows and pinks complement this casual beach style.

Best Colors for the Beach

Lighter, brighter colors are always recommended for wearing at the beach. Hues like white, light blue, yellow, pink and soft greens reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing heat. This keeps the body cooler on hot sandy shores. Darker colors like black, navy and greens attract and retain warmth, making one feel warmer faster. Beachgoers also want colors that show stains less if wet by sea spray or splashed accidentally. Lighter shades like pastels do well hiding residue from saltwater, sand and sunscreen. Neutrals disguise sand that gets tracked back home too. Ultimately, feeling cool and comfortable should be the priority when choosing beach attire colors over strict fashion rules. Listen to your body and select shades that regulate temperature best.

Feelings Evoked at the Beach

Stepping foot on a beach stirs relaxed and rejuvenating emotions. Gentle crashing waves produce a calming soundscape perfect for meditation. Seagulls squawking overhead and beachcombers in the distance lend lively natural energy missing from concrete cities. The saline breeze carries revitalizing negative ions known to reduce stress. Soft powdery sand between the toes is grounding. Watching the immense azure ocean’s never-ending waves roll to shore fosters awe for the beauty of nature. Picnicking with friends and family by the shore or constructing dollar-store sandcastles invoke childhood summer memories. Finding hidden treasures washed up by the tides sparks imagination and wonder. All of these sensations at the beach cultivate feelings of peace, escapism and reconnection with vibrant uncomplicated joys to boost well-being. Simply setting foot on the beach has healing psychological effects worth basking in.

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