Business Casual Pants for Men

Looking Sharp: Business Casual Pants for Men

Business Casual Pants for Men

Dressing professionally as a businessman can seem tricky. You want to look sharp and put-together without being too formal or stuffy. The key is finding the right business casual pants that toe the line between casual Friday and boardroom formality. With the right pants, you’ll project an image of confidence and competence.

Are Fabletics Pants Business-Casual?

Fabletics is known for its athletic and casual wear, but some of its men’s pants styles can work for a business casual office environment. Their Commission Pants come in classic colors like black, navy and khaki in a lightweight, stretchy fabric blend. They have an elastic waistband with a drawcord, so they are comfortable while also looking tailored. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them looking sloppy by the end of the day. Overall, the Commission Pants and other similar styles from Fabletics can be a cost-effective option for business casual attire.

What Pants Do Businessmen Wear?

The most common business casual pants businessman reach for are:

  • Chinos: Chinos are cotton twill pants that come in solid colors like tan, gray, navy or black. They have a slightly relaxed fit through the hips and thighs while tapering down to the ankle. Chinos offer a crisp, polished look perfect for the office.
  • Wool Trousers: Trousers made of wool or a wool blend are ideal for staying warm in cooler weather while looking sharp. Look for versions with pleats, a crease, and a tailored fit. Neutral colors like gray and navy are fail-safe options.
  • Cotton Twill Pants: These are similar to chinos but may come in more versatile colors and patterns like hounds tooth, herringbone and pinstriped. Twill has a nice drape and sheen that dresses up a casual vibe.
  • Dress Slacks/Trousers: Slacks that are part of a suit, made of material like gabardine or tropical wool, can be mixed and matched as odd trousers. Look for a modern slim or tailored fit and dark neutral colors.

How to Look Professional Male?

Here are some tips for men to nail a professional business casual look:

  • opt for flat front pants: Pleated fronts can look stuffy and dated. Flat front pants in dark solids or subtle patterns make your lower half look polished.
  • Match your leathers: Wear belt and shoes in coordinating brown and black shades. Oxfords, loafers and chukkas all work.
  • Get the fit right: Pants should be well-tailored, not too baggy or tight. Breaks should hit right at the top of your shoes.
  • Tuck in your shirt: Leave the polos untucked for the golf course. For the office, tuck button-downs, dress shirts and sweaters neatly into your waistband.
  • Don’t forget the socks: Opt for mid-calf over ankle length. Pick colors and patterns that complement your pants.
  • Keep it simple: Avoid bold patterns or overly casual shirts. Solid dress shirts or ones with simple stripes make you look pulled-together.

What Color Pants Are Professional?

The most professional pants for men are in neutral, versatile shades that pair with dress shirts, ties, blazers and other business wardrobe essentials.

  • Navy: A navy blue pant is like the workhorse of any professional man’s closet. They match everything and look tailored.
  • Grey: Pairs nicely with navy, black or brown blazers and shoes. Choose a medium grey for the most versatility.
  • Black: Slim black pants always look sharp. They work year-round and match any color dress shirt.
  • Tan/Khaki: A warm neutral that works for any season. Looks especially sharp with a navy sport coat.
  • Dark Brown: Subtle and polished. Works well for fall/winter with camel, navy and grey tones.

The most important thing is that the pants fit impeccably. The color should align with the formality of your overall outfit – avoiding loud colors or patterns in favor of more subdued, neutral tones. Stick to flat-front, creased pants in dark solids and you’ll project the image of a competent, stylish businessperson.

If you have no idea which color of shirt should you choose for looking good then you can follow this article…

Khaki Chinos are the Go-To Pant for Business Casual

Khaki chinos are one of the most versatile and commonly worn pant options for business casual attire. Made from cotton twill, they have a dressier look compared to denim jeans but maintain a casual and comfortable feel. Chinos come in various fits from slim to straight leg, so you can choose a style that matches your preference. The neutral khaki color pairs well with many shirt and shoe combinations while still looking polished.

Chinos are appropriate for most business casual environments like office settings, client meetings, networking events and more. They strike the perfect balance between smart professionalism and relaxed style. Just be sure to opt for well-fitted, wrinkle-free chinos without any torn hems or distressed details. Always check that your shirt is tucked in neatly when wearing chinos so you maintain a pulled-together appearance.

Grey and Navy Blue are Versatile Color Choices

For business casual pants, grey and navy blue colors are extremely versatile and complement a range of shirt colors nicely. A charcoal or light grey pair of chinos or trousers can be easily dressed up or down depending on the top half of your outfit. Wear them with a crisp dress shirt and loafers for a smarter vibe or a casual button-down and sneakers to achieve a relaxed look.

Navy blue is a classic shade that works with almost anything. Opt for flatfront or pleated trousers in mid or dark navy and pair with neutral colored shirts in shades like white, light blue or pink. Navy trousers never go out of style and will seamlessly take you from daytime meetings to after-work networking events without needing an outfit change. Make sure to choose noncewitz or no inner pocket styles for trousers so they have a polished exterior.

Keep Fit and Fabric in Mind

When choosing pants for a business casual wardrobe, pay close attention to the fit and type of fabric. Loose, baggy or tightfitting styles should always be avoided as they do not look polished. Opt for chinos, trousers or corduroys that have a slim straight or tapered leg fit through the hips and thighs with a looser break at the ankle. Fabrics like cotton, corduroy or polyester blended dress pants in mid to lightweight materials will be most comfortable in warmer office temperatures compared to thick wools. Always check labels and try the pants on to ensure a perfect, tailored fit.

A well-fitted pair of khaki chinos, grey or navy trousers paired with the right shirts and shoes can help you achieve a sharp yet relaxed business casual style. Focus on versatile basics in your wardrobe that you can wear comfortably throughout the workweek.

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