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Men Flannel Shirts: how to Look Sharp While Stay Simple

Flannel shirts are a staple in many men’s fall and winter wardrobes. Known for their soft, warm fabric and classic lumberjack style, flannel shirts for men offer comfort, versatility, and timeless rugged appeal.

flannel shirt

What is a Flannel Shirt?

A flannel shirt is a long-sleeved casual shirt made from soft, brushed flannel fabric. Flannel refers to the type of cotton fabric the shirt is made from, which has a soft, insulating texture that helps retain body heat.


Flannel shirts typically have a plaid or checkered pattern. Popular color combinations include red and black buffalo check or green, blue, and grey tartan plaids. The fluffy texture and visible woven lines give flannel its distinctive look and feel.

Key Features of Mens Flannel Shirts

Men’s flannel shirts share several defining features:

winter wear
  • Soft flannel fabric that feels cozy against the skin
  • Long sleeves with button cuffs
  • Casual, relaxed fit
  • Front button placket
  • Chest pocket for added visual interest and functionality
  • Plaid or checkered pattern in contrasting colors like red, green, blue, black, grey, etc.

Stylish finishing details like a shirttail hemline or contrast interior yoke and cuffs add personality.

Do Flannel Shirts Look Good on Guys?

Yes! When worn properly, flannel shirts look fantastic on men—the rugged yet refined aesthetic flatters most body types.

Flannel’s reputation as high-performance workwear gives it a masculine, outdoorsy style. At the same time, patterns like buffalo check or black watch plaid feel sophisticated enough for the office or a date.

The key is pairing your flannel shirt correctly. For a sharp casual look, wear it open over a plain t-shirt or thermal with dark rinse jeans and boots. Keep it casual by layering it over a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt.

You can also wear a men’s flannel shirt jacket style as an overshirt. Choose a hooded flannel shirt and leave it unbuttoned for extra warmth.

What Jackets to Wear with a Flannel Shirt

flannel jacket

Leather jacket – Field jacket/barn coat – Denim jacket – Bomber jacket – Harrington jacket – Sherpa-lined jacket – Quilted vestLeaning into the workwear vibe with outerwear looks phenomenal with a mens flannel shirt underneath. The contrast between the rugged flannel and sleek leather or structured twill creates stylish depth.

Best Flannel Shirt Colors for Men

While plaid flannel shirts offer endless color combinations, these hues have versatile year-round appeal:

  • Red flannel shirt – A menswear staple that feels festive or outdoorsy
  • Black and white flannel shirt – Classic, neutral, and sharp
  • Navy or green flannel – Rich colors that pair well with denim and olive or brown hues
  • Buffalo check – Red and black plaid flannel for a rugged lumberjack look

Guys can’t go wrong building their flannel collection around these easy-matching shades.

Where to Buy Flannel Shirts for Men

Quality flannel shirts are available at:

  • Outdoor retailers like L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, and Filson
  • Mall brands like Old Navy, J.Crew, Gap, and Banana Republic
  • Fast fashion retailers like H&M and Uniqlo

For well-made flannel built to last, check brands known for their outerwear and casual work shirts. Old Navy flannel shirts offer great value at lower price points as well.

Look for 100% cotton flannel in a heavyweight fabric around 5-7 oz. Pre-washed softness adds comfort if you prefer a lived-in look.

Men Flannel Shirt Style Ideas

A men’s flannel shirt offers versatility to work for any personal style:

Men Flannel Shirt
  • Wear it classic with straight or slim-cut blue jeans, white sneakers, and a baseball hat for an all-American vibe
  • Style it grunge with a band tee, ripped black jeans, and leather boots
  • Layer it over an Oxford shirt unbuttoned with wool trousers and suede loafers for refined ruggedness
  • Go for lumberjack chic with a hooded flannel shirt, henley underneath, jeans, and workboots

Have fun mixing patterns and textures like buffalo check flannel with corduroy pants or a flecked-knit thermal top.

As you can see, flannel shirts continue to earn their place in men’s casual wardrobes. With proper layering and fit, guys can go right incorporating this comfortable classic into their aesthetic.


How warm are flannel shirts?

Flannel’s brushed surface creates air pockets that provide effective insulation against cold. The warmth makes it perfect for fall and winter wear. However, lightweight flannel works well as layering for three-season versatility.

Should flannel shirts be baggy?

Many flannel shirts use a relaxed, boxy fit, although fitted styles are also available. Getting the right size matters more than the cut. An oversized flannel can limit layering, while a shirt that is too tight won’t be comfortable.

What pants go best with a flannel shirt?

Jeans are the most common pairing. But flannel also looks great with chinos, corduroys, twill pants and joggers. For shoes, opt for boots, sneakers or casual leather shoes. Dress flannel up with wool trousers and oxfords or down with sweats.

What is the difference between flannel and plaid?

Flannel refers to the soft woven fabric that has a brushed nap surface. Plaid is a pattern with crisscrossed stripes and contrasting squares. While plaid flannel shirts are most common, flannel also comes in other patterns like buffalo check, solid colors, and more.

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