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Men’s Casual Coat Style 101: Tips for Choosing the Ideal Coat

men's casual coats

Finding the perfect men’s Casual Coat can seem like a daunting task with so many styles and options to choose from. This comprehensive guide will walk through the key things to consider when shopping for casual coats to help men put together a versatile, stylish wardrobe staple.

What Exactly Are Casual Coats for Men?

A men’s casual coat is a light to midweight jacket or coat that can be worn comfortably in casual settings. More relaxed than formal overcoats or topcoats, casual coats for men strike a balance between warmth, coverage, and a laidback aesthetic.

Casual Coats for Men

Casual coats come in many styles, but some defining features include:

  • Made from lighter fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester blends
  • Looser, relaxed fits for easy layering
  • Stylish but lowkey accents like toggles, zippers, etc.
  • Offer weather protection without heavily structured builds

The Best Materials for Men’s Casual Coats

When shopping for a casual coat, pay attention to the materials which impact performance, durability, and overall look and feel:

Best Materials for Men’s Casual Coats
  • Cotton – A natural fibre that is breathable, lightweight, and versatile for transitional weather. Choose waxed cotton for water resistance.
  • Wool – Naturally insulating, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant. Wool casual coats work well for cold climates.
  • Polyester – Synthetic fabric that is affordable, low maintenance, and weather resistant. Makes a good rain jacket liner.
  • Nylon – Extremely durable and water-repellent synthetic. Often used blended with other fabrics.
  • Leather/Suede – Naturally stylish options that get better over time. Provide warmth and wind protection.

Top Styles of Men’s Casual Coats

From timeless classics to modern interpretations, these are go-to casual coat styles for men:

Styles of Men’s Casual Coats

The Bomber Jacket

Once worn exclusively by fighter pilots, bomber jackets are now a versatile casual style. They are recognized by their elastic hem and cuffs, cropped fit, and varsity jacket vibes. Bombers can feature wool, leather, or utility pockets for a more rugged look.

The Field Coat

Field coats draw inspiration from military and workwear with utilitarian details like oversized pockets and hoods. They come in longer cuts often with a belted waist, made from sturdy cotton or poly-cotton blends. Perfect for the outdoorsy man.

The Trench Coat

A classic trench is tailored and weatherproof, with military roots dating back to WW1. Traditional details include large lapels, storm flaps, belted waists, and double-breasted fronts. Modern trench coats come in varied lengths and colours but still offer polished protection.

The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets for men have been a staple since the late 1800s cowboy days through the 90s grunge scene to today. They feature rugged twill cotton construction, collarless necks, metal snaps and rivet accents. Layer over hoodies and sweaters for a timeless casual look.

The Peacoat

Originally worn by sailors, the classic peacoat carries naval style into contemporary casual wear. Defined by its double-breasted front, oversized lapels, and signature anchor buttons – peacoats are crafted from thick wool melton or wool blends.

Smart Casual Coat Options for Men

For guys needing casual coats that can also dress up a bit, try these sharp options:

Smart Casual Coat Options for Men

Harrington Jacket

A Harrington jacket has a lightweight zip-front design but elevated details like tartan lining, stand collar, and ribbed hem and cuffs make it smarter than the average casual jacket. This style works well over both tie-less button-downs as well as t-shirts.


More refined than their bulkier overcoat cousins, topcoats are a nice balance of polish and ease for smarter casual wear. Often single-breasted with slim lapels, they can feature interesting details like contrasting linings or fabrics.

Car Coat

Originally designed for wearing while driving in open-top cars, the car coat maintains a clean, collarless neckline with strong lines for a refined look. These medium-length coats come in camel and navy hues or modernized patterns for versatile wear.

Choosing the Right Casual Coat – Length, Fit & Function

Right Casual Coat

Length – The Long and Short of It

Casual coat lengths for men range from cropped, waist-length bombers to mid-thigh topcoats:

  • Waist Length – Cropped jackets with elastic hems like Harringtons and bombers
  • Hip Length Denim jackets, windbreakers, lightweight layering pieces
  • Thigh Length – The versatile medium length for Peacoats, field coats, overshirts
  • Knee Length – Longer car coats, and trenches perfect for blustery weather

Choose based on weather conditions, stylistic preferences, and intended outfit pairings.

Get the Right Fit

A proper fitting coat should:

  • Allow full range of motion without pulling across the back or shoulders
  • Fall just above the wrist bone to protect hands from the elements
  • Be trim enough to layer sweaters or jackets underneath

Don’t be afraid to try sizes up or down to get the ideal tailored-but-not-tight casual coat fit.

Factor In Function & Weather Conditions

Consider the climate you’ll wear your casual coat in most to choose appropriate insulating and weather-resistant materials:

  • Cold & Wet Climates – Choose a knee-length wool trench or long down parka. Look for waterproof fabric treatments like ScotchgardTM or RainBlock.
  • Mild Transitional Weather – Mid-weight cotton, poly blends, and leather are good light insulation options for spring and fall.
  • Cool Evenings – Bombers, denim jackets, and Harrington’s work well for summer nights or layered under an overcoat when it’s extra brisk.

Finding the Perfect Casual Coat – FAQs

What coat should men wear?

For maximum versatility, a simple, thigh-length wool peacoat or cotton field coat pairs well with both casual every day looks like jeans or chinos plus smarter trousers and button-downs for work. Black, navy, olive, and camel are colours that integrate seamlessly into any wardrobe.

Perfect Casual Coat

Which is better – a blazer or a coat?

It depends on the use case:

  • Blazers are ideal lightweight indoor layering pieces for the office or occasions needing light formality.
  • Coats offer better insulation and weather resistance for colder temps and outdoor wear. Pick coats for lifestyle coverage and blazers to complement dressier looks.

What coat colour is best for men?

Stick to these classic palette staples in men’s casual coats:

  • Black – Sleek for both dressy and casual combinations
  • Navy – Nautical-inspired heritage that works with everything
  • Camel – Perfect neutral that brings lightweight warmth
  • Olive Green – Subtle modern neutral with military roots

Grey, brown, and tan are also versatile neutral coat colours for men. Add punches of colour through knit layers instead.

Modern menswear trends show the field coat’s continued popularity with updated camo prints, bold-coloured leather, and Teddy bear shearling styles. Relaxed yet refined oversized top coats also dominate runways. The denim jacket has expanded into fresh embroidered and Sherpa-lined iterations alongside classic vintage washes.

Mixing Textures and Layers for Unique Casual Coat Style

Once you’ve selected the perfect casual coat, explore mixing textures and creative layering to take your style to the next level.

Casual Coat Style

Texture Mixing

Match the texture of your coat to other pieces for an elevated monochromatic look. For example:

  • A wool overcoat on top of a cable knit sweater
  • A nubby tweed jacket with a textured wool scarf
  • A smooth suede bomber paired with velvet trim boots

Or pair contrasting textures like smooth leather jackets with chunky ribbed turtlenecks to create visual interest.

Creative Layering

Don’t be afraid to get creative by building layers under or over your coat to make outfits pop:

  • Layer an unbuttoned plaid flannel over a graphic tee and then a denim jacket on top
  • Toss a quilted vest underneath a relaxed cotton field coat
  • Pile on multiple long-line necklaces to peek out of a zipped bomber

Outfit layering lets guys explore their aesthetic with mix-and-match casual pieces anchored by a favourite statement coat.

Caring for Men’s Casual Coats Properly

Investing in proper care extends the lifespan of well-made casual coats:

Men’s Casual Coats Properly
  • Read Labels – Follow specific wash, dry clean or spot cleaning directions.
  • Protect Leather/Suede – Waterproof sprays and regular conditioning keep leather supple without cracks. Use suede erasers to gently remove marks.
  • Remove Stains Quickly – Sponging with gentle cleaners prevents setting in oil, grease or food stains.
  • Check Lining – Repair small holes in the lining to prevent tears or damage to the insulation inside.
  • Store Properly – Allow coats to fully dry before storing them loosely folded on cedar hangers in cloth garment bags.

With some basic maintenance, quality materials ensure casual coats stand the test of time remaining both stylish and functional season after season.

Key Takeaways – Choosing the Perfect Men’s Casual Coat

Hopefully, this breakdown has helped identify what to look for when buying Men’s Casual Coats. Focus on high-quality materials suited for intended climates, seek that elusive perfect fit, and consider both style and functionality. With so many options, zeroing in on details makes choosing effortless.

A well-made wool trench, leather bomber, cotton field coat or denim jacket are frontrunners. Look for timeless colour palettes with interesting modern twists. And don’t be afraid to incorporate casual coats as go-anywhere wardrobe staples that work as hard as you do while keeping you comfortable and looking sharp.

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