Men’s Tracksuits 101: Mastering On-Trend Tracksuit Style

Men’s tracksuit has shed its sweats-only reputation and become a versatile fashion staple that takes men from the gym to the streets with ease.

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With an endless array of colours, fabrics, silhouettes and details now available, it can be tricky to navigate all the options to find your perfect fit. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know when shopping for a men’s tracksuit, from understanding the latest trends and outfit ideas to picking the right fabric, colour and fit for your style and needs.

What is a men’s Tracksuit?

A men’s tracksuit refers to a two-piece set of garments featuring a jacket with a zippered or buttoned front paired with matching pants, typically made of soft, flexible fabrics intended for athletic wear. The origins of the iconic tracksuit can be traced back to the early 20th century when athletes wore sweatsuits to keep muscles warm and flexible before competing.

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While early men’s tracksuit sets were simple, functional pieces strictly meant for sports, today’s versions run the gamut from sporty to streetwise.

Modern technology has led to innovative fabrics that wick moisture, provide compression, stand up to rigorous activity and stretch with ease while retaining their shape. With athleisure dominating menswear trends, it’s no surprise the once humble tracksuit has evolved into a versatile closet staple that takes guys effortlessly from the gym to running errands with sleek, polished swagger.

How Do I Choose a Mens Tracksuit?

With so many factors to consider from fabric to fit, choosing a men’s tracksuit that perfectly suits your needs and style can be challenging. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for when shopping for men’s tracksuits:

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Fabric is arguably the most important choice to make when selecting a men’s tracksuit set. Today’s technical fabrics span a wide range of options to suit any activity level and preference:

  • Cotton – The natural fibre is lightweight, soft and extremely breathable. Perfect for low-intensity training or lounging.
  • Polyester – Synthetic polyester wicks moisture, dries quickly and resists shrinking. Popular for athletic tracksuits.
  • Wool – natural temperature-regulating properties keep you warm when it’s cold out and cool when temps rise. A great choice for outdoor winter workouts.
  • Fleece – Soft, flexible, lightweight warmth makes fleece a cool weather sports staple. Look for moisture-wicking anti-pill fabrics.
  • French terry – The looped reverse side of this knit cotton fabric makes it ultra-soft on the skin for exceptional comfort.
  • Sweat-wicking – Fabrics featuring advanced sweat-wicking technology keep you dry during intense training sessions.


Men’s tracksuit sets run the fit spectrum from loose and relaxed to slim and tailored. Consider what styles you prefer and how you plan to wear them to help choose the right silhouette.

  • Slim-fit hugs the body for a sharp, polished look. Great for pulling off athleisure outfits.
  • Standard fits sit smoothly against the body with room for easy layering. Most versatile option to dress up or down.
  • Oversized shapes prioritize comfort with their roomy cuts and laid-back vibe. Perfectly paired with streetwear.


Elastic cuffs, zippered pockets and other functional highlights offer both fashion flair and sporty edge. Factor in which accents best match how you want to rock your men’s tracksuits.


While black and grey sets remain go-to classics, today’s tracksuits for men incorporate bold brights, muted earth tones and eye-catching prints ranging from camo to tie-dye. Choose hues that best reflect your own colour preferences and style sensibility.

What is the Best Color for a Men’s Tracksuit?

When it comes to picking the best tracksuit colour for guys, the most flattering options ultimately come down to personal preferences for shades that complement your complexion and jibe with your style sensibilities.

Best Color for a Men’s Tracksuit

That said, certain hues tend to look great on most men. Versatile neutral tracksuit colour options like black, grey and navy blue effortlessly match any guy’s features and seamlessly coordinate with existing wardrobes. Earth tones in olive green, brown and tan also complement a wide range of skin tones. For those who prefer to make a style statement, eye-catching brights and bold patterns in shades of red, blue or camouflage prints crank up the visual dynamism.

Build a versatile wardrobe with classic black, grey, and navy tracksuits, or bold red and camo versions. Prioritize performance and comfort with moisture-wicking, flexible fabrics tailored to your training needs.

Explore a variety of fabric and colour options in men’s tracksuits for a stylish and comfortable look wherever you go.

Men’s Outfit Ideas

The right men’s tracksuit opens up countless outfit combo possibilities that span from streetwear chic to athletic edge. Take these five mix-and-match tracksuit outfit ideas for men from gym to hangouts and everywhere between:

  • The On the Go Ensemble For brisk days filled with running errands, pair a chic black tracksuit set with sharp white leather sneakers and a graphic tee under an open jacket. Top with a wool overcoat when extra warmth is needed while retaining a sleek silhouette.
  • The Sports Fan Look Show team spirit dressed in a colour block tracksuit with your favourite jersey layered underneath for Saturday game days or any spirited sports-watching sessions.
  • The Laidback Vibe Keep it chill by wearing an earth-tone fleece tracksuit with a solid pocket tee and beanie for grabbing a bite with friends or strolling through the farmer’s market.
  • The Street Savvy Edge Mix high-low appeal by wearing an edgy camo print tracksuit bomber jacket atop a basic white tee, black jeans and chunky high-tops for an urban edge.
  • The Gym to Brunch Flex For grabbing post-workout brunch head to shorts and hoodie in complementary bright shades layered over a muscle tee to perfectly walk the line between athletic and social realms.

Today’s men’s tracksuit trends bridge the gap between high performance and on-point style with these three rising looks:

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  • Athluxury Fabrics Next-gen moisture-wicking, sweat-wicking and cooling fabrics that feel incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin make men’s tracksuits a luxurious athleisure experience. Top athletic brands use advanced technologies for elite functionality that also simply feel amazing to wear.
  • Bold Colors and Patterns Vibrant solid shades and eye-catching prints in camo, tie-dye, animal prints and more replace basic blacks and greys with high-impact hues that make men’s tracksuits impossible to ignore.
  • Streetwear Styling Slimmer silhouettes, cropped cuts and standout logo designs give modern tracksuits a street-savvy edge perfect for urban exploration and everyday errand runs. Luxe detailing like leather trims and metallic accents ramp up the road’s appeal.
Mixing High-End Streetwear

Another emerging way guys style tracksuits is by mixing pieces from luxury streetwear brands for an elevated designer look.

Some hot labels making waves in elite athleticwear include:

  • Acne Studios Minimalist Scandi style with premium fabrics and refined cuts characterize Acne Studios elevated basics. Their Bla Konst Cotton-Jersey Track Pants or REX Track Jacket designs iconically fuse athletic practicality with tailored lines.
  • Aime Leon Dore’s New York style combines retro athletic nostalgia with impeccable fits. ALB track pants, crewnecks, hoodies and varsity jackets boast vibrant colours and prints mashed up with timeless sensibilities.
  • Rhude Rhude’s tracksuit pieces channel old-school West Coast effortless cool through washed vintage fabrications on staple sets ideal for layering. The Textured Terry Cloth Track Pant and Jacket Set makes a sharp impact.

The days of visible sweats proclaiming you just left the gym are long gone. Today’s Modern men’s tracksuits blend street style, performance fabrics, and refined fits for athleisure comfort in high-fashion functional clothing.

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