Parachute Pants

Parachute Pants Back in Fashion: The 80s Revival We Needed

Parachute Pants

Parachute pants, also known as hammer pants, are making a comeback in fashion. These billowy pants were hugely popular in the 1980s and 90s, especially among break-dancers and hip hop artists. Now, Gen Z fashionistas are bringing parachute pant back into style. In this article, we’ll explore the history of parachute pant, popular brands, whether they’re good for summer, and why they became a massive trend.

What are Parachute Pants Called?

Parachute pants go by a few different names, including:

  • Hammer pants – This name refers to the ample hip and thigh room that creates a “hammer” silhouette.
  • UFO pants – The wide, circular leg shape resembles a flying saucer.
  • Breaker pants – Break-dancers widely wore parachute pant in the 80s.
  • Baggies – This refers to the baggy, billowy fit.

No matter what you call them, parachute pant have an unmistakable style featuring a drawstring or elastic waistband and extremely loose-fitting legs that taper at the ankle.

Good Brands for Parachute Pants

Some of the best brands for modern takes on classic parachute pants include:

  • IAMGIA – This brand offers high-waisted hammer pants in fluorescent colors and prints.
  • Rare Rabbit – Their parachute pant come in solids and camo prints.
  • Eleven Paris – This French brand has lightweight ripstop parachute pant.
  • Kappa – An iconic 80s brand, Kappa sells parachute pants in retro styles.
  • Adidas – Their Originals line has parachute pant in streetwear fabrics.

Vintage sellers on Etsy and Depop also offer great finds. Look for late 80s and early 90s styles in bold colors and patterns.

Are Parachute Pants Good for Summer?

Thanks to their lightweight fabrics and breathable loose fit, parachute pant are ideal for staying cool in summer heat. They provide air flow and lots of room for your legs to move comfortably on hot days.

Classic parachute pants were made of nylon, so they didn’t absorb sweat and dried quickly if wet. Today’s versions use similar lightweight materials like polyester, rayon, ripstop, and linen blends.

Dark solid colors are best for minimizing visible sweat. Go for neon bright and bold prints to make a statement. Pair parachute pant with crop tops, bralettes, or tank tops in the summer.

Why Were Parachute Pants Popular?

Parachute pant first emerged in the 1970s when break-dancers adopted them for better freedom of movement. Their popularity skyrocketed in the 80s as b-boy and hip hop culture went mainstream.

Soon parachute pant were a fixture of 80s fashion. Pop stars like MC Hammer and Kris Kaross wore them in music videos, making them even more sought-after. They were especially popular among teenagers and young adults who wanted to emulate hip hop and breakdancing trends.

Parachute pant fit with other oversized 80s fashions like shoulder pads and brightly colored clothing. Their billowy silhouette gave wearers a laidback, casual vibe.

The fad finally faded in the early 90s as grunge and slimmer silhouettes came into fashion. But parachute pants hold a uniquely nostalgic place in 80s style history.

The return of the parachute pant

It seems that the wildly billowy parachute pants of the 1980s may be experiencing a retro revival among fashion circles. In recent seasons, more and more brands and designers have begun releasing their own takes on the parachute-style wide leg pant.

While oversized and dropped crotch silhouettes have found popularity within streetwear and high fashion over the past few years, it’s the return of the parachute pants in particular that signals we may be heading into a nostalgia-fueled era when it comes to pant styles. Young consumers who didn’t experience the first time around of these dramatic pants in the 80s now seem interested in putting their own spin on the trend.

Major brands like Diesel and Liu Jo have released parachute-inspired pants in their latest collections. Even high fashion houses like Gucci have debuted takes on the wide leg silhouette done in their distinct stylistic ways. In the realm of indie brands and streetwear labels, lots of options for colorful and graphic printed parachute pants have emerged.

Only time will tell if the trend fully sticks this time or remains a niche revival. But for those fondly remembering the relaxed leisurely vibe of the 80s or just looking to add some retro panache to their outfits, parachute pants may make a welcome comeback. Their breezy billowing shape is certainly distinctive and fun compared to the ever-popular skinny jean dominating stores.

What do parachute pants feel like?

Parachute pants have a very airy and weightless feel when worn. The super wide and roomy legs are cut to flow loosely around the body rather than form fitted. Some key things to note about the hand and drape of parachute pants:

  • Lightweight and breathable – The fabrics used like cotton or technical blends move freely with your body instead of clinging.
  • Billowy and voluminous – Expect lots of extra fabric gathered at the hips then flaring out dramatically from the knee down. This creates almost a floating effect.
  • Non-restrictive – Without being skintight, parachute pants don’t constrain movement at all. Lots of ease makes them perfectly comfortable for physical activity too.
  • Flowing and relaxed – Their loose silhouette lends them an easygoing leisurely vibe whether lounging or moving around. Forget uncomfortable constriction with these pants!

Overall, parachute pants have an airy carefree feel that was part of their appeal back in the funky 80s. Their loose drape gives a sense of lightness and freedom of motion unlike skin-hugging tight styles.

What color parachute pants should I get?

When it comes to parachute pants, almost any bright fun color will work well and align with the whimsical spirit of the silhouette. Some top choices that would really make a statement include:

Neon shades

Vibrant neon colors like neon pink, neon yellow, or neon green really make the parachute pant pop. Neon takes the roomy shape to an eye-catching extreme.


Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow impart a bold retro vibe. These classic shades never go out of style and pair with everything.

Prints and patterns

Graphic prints from camo to anime motifs look mega fun on parachute pants. Go wild with playful patterns in a mix of hues.


Softer pastel tones of blue, pink, and green lend an ethereal feel. Mixing pastels creates a lovely springtime vibe.


Shiny metallic shades like gold, silver make a statement. Holographic fabrics also amplify the parachute pant silhouette.

In the end, any shades that match your personal style and preferred colorful aesthetics will work well. Let your parachute pants do the talking through happy vibrant colors!

Why buy parachute pants?

Parachute pants offer a few great reasons for their purchase and wearing beyond just being a fun trend. Here are the top things that make them stand out:

Unique statement silhouette

Their overblown wide legs make a dramatic fashion statement like no other pants. Parachute pant demand attention in the boldest way possible.

Retro nostalgia

They evoke fond memories of the carefree 70s and funky 80s for those who lived through it. For younger folks, they fuel nostalgic retro fantasies.

Maximum comfort

With their loose relaxed fit, parachute pants are among the comfiest pant to wear whether sitting or moving around. No constriction!

Great for warm weather

Their airy lightweight fabric keeps the body cool on hot humid days better than jeans or slacks.

Versatile styling

Dress them up or down – they pair well with everything from tees to button downs to crop tops. Accessorize freely too.

So in summary – their fun fashion statement, retro nostalgia, supreme comfort, versatility, and suitability for warm months make parachute pant a great purchase to bring some joy and ease to your wardrobe!


Once the domain of break-dancers and MCs, parachute pant are back and more wearable than ever thanks to stylish updated versions. Their comeback is part of the resurgence of Y2K fashion. With looser silhouettes and bold colors, parachute pants are the perfect statement pants for summer. Whether you call them hammer pants, UFO pants, or baggies, this trend from the 80s and 90s offers both comfort and retro-chic style.

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