Jeans Brands Made in Australia

The Best Jeans Brands Made in Australia

Jeans Brands Made in Australia

Australia is home to some excellent jeans brands that offer high-quality denim products. From boutique designers to larger established companies, there are plenty of options for finding jeans made right here in Australia. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top jeans brands that call Australia home and what makes their products stand out.

R.M. Williams – A Classic Australian Brand

R.M. Williams jeans

One of the most iconic Australian best jeans brands is R.M. Williams. Founded in 1932, R.M. Williams has become known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail in its leatherwoods and apparel. The company’s jeans line features classic five pocket styling crafted from ring-spun Australian cotton denim. The denim is woven at their mill in Adelaide, South Australia and then cut and sewn at their factory in Salisbury, Queensland.

R.M. Williams jeans brands have a reputation for durability and comfort right out of the box. Their slim fit and straight leg jeans are high quality basics that can be dressed up or down. For those who want authentic Australian denim, R.M. Williams is a top choice.

Nobody Jeans – Boutique Denim Design

Nobody Jean

Founded in 2005, Nobody Jeans is a Sydney-based label that specializes in crafting premium denim garments. Their jeans are designed and produced in-house to create a bespoke denim experience. Nobody works closely with mills in Japan to develop custom denim fits and washes to their exact specifications.

Their collection offers a range of cuts from classic straight legs to skinny and distressed styles. Nobody is especially known for their sculpting designs that contour to the body for a signature slimming silhouette. Their attention to detail and tailoring makes their jeans stand out from the crowd.

Gorman – Uniquely Australian Style

Gorman jean

Melbourne brand Gorman takes inspiration from across decades and continents to create their unique take on fashion. Founded in 1999, designer Lisa Gorman produces playful designs ranging from dresses to jeans.

Gorman jeans fuse vintage details with contemporary denim fits. You can find wide leg, high-waisted styles along with relaxed tapered cuts. Their jeans often incorporate distinctive touches like embroidered motifs, retro pockets, and colored weft yarns.

Gorman’s lively patterns and focus on wearable fits has made them popular among Australian retailers and consumers. Their jeans offer a fresh perspective on Australian style.

Ksubi – Cool Customization

Ksubi jean

Founded in Sydney in 1999, Ksubi has developed into one of Australia’s trend-setting denim labels. Known for their edgy details and innovative washes, Ksubi jeans have a statement-making aesthetic. Many of their jeans are distinguished by intricate hand-distressing, original embroidery, and custom hardware.

In addition to these unique touches, Ksubi also offers basic five pocket styles. While some of their heavily deconstructed jeans are more fashion-forward, they also sell classic denim staples for everyday wear. Their cool customization and quality constructions make Ksubi a go-to jeans brand in Australia.

Neuw Denim – Eco-Friendly Focus

New Denim jean

For those looking for an ethical jeans option, Neuw Denim is an excellent Australian label. Founded in Melbourne in 2012, Neuw uses sustainable practices to craft their jeans including: using OEKO-TEX certified cotton, recycling water during production, and avoiding toxic chemicals.

In addition to their eco-friendly focus, Neuw also pays close attention to fit. They use high-tech stretch denim to create jeans that contour the body for a flawless firming effect. From high-rise skinny jeans to vintage inspired flares, Neuw offers trendy styles designed with sustainability in mind.

Are Jeans Expensive in Australia?

Compared to other clothing items, jeans are typically more expensive in Australia. On average, a pair of basic jeans from a mass retailer may cost $80-$120 AUD. However, boutique and premium denim brands often charge over $200 AUD for a single pair.

Australia’s higher production costs contribute to these increased prices. As jeans are mostly produced domestically in smaller batches, there are fewer opportunities to benefit from overseas mass manufacturing.

However, buying Australian-made jeans also means supporting local businesses and jobs. The higher prices help cover fair wages for workers and smaller companies investing in local craftsmanship.

While cheap fast fashion jeans are readily available, quality comes at a cost. For long-lasting denim, purchasing Australian brands is worth the investment.

Is Australia Expensive for Clothes Shopping Overall?

Shopping for apparel in Australia generally involves higher prices compared to other countries globally. From fast fashion to designer brands, clothes cost more down under.

Several factors add to Australia’s expensive retail costs:

  • High wages – With minimum wages over $20/hour, labor costs are high. These employee expenses get passed onto the consumer.
  • Import costs – The vast majority of fabrics and materials are imported to Australia. These added shipping and import fees increase prices.
  • Small population – With under 26 million people nationally, Australian fashion brands don’t benefit from enormous economies of scale. Larger production runs overseas help reduce manufacturing costs.
  • High rent – Retail space in cities comes at a premium. These overhead expenses contribute to higher pricing.

However, shopping sales can help find discounts on clothing in Australia. Post-Christmas and end of season sales offer the deepest markdowns at many fashion retailers.

While buying garments in Australia may require a higher budget, consumers are also supporting local companies and jobs. Quality clothing craftsmanship also helps extend the lifespan of purchases to maximize value.

Major Companies Making Clothes in Australia

Some of the major fashion companies manufacturing products domestically in Australia include:

  • Country Road – This popular brand produces most of its cotton clothing within Australia. Known for casual essentials and basics, Country Road runs local factories in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • David Jones – This upscale department store works with many Australian designers and stocks clothes produced locally. They focus on spotlighting Australian brands and manufacturing.
  • RM Williams – In addition to their signature boots, this Australian mainstay also makes jeans, shirts, and accessories at their Queensland facilities.
  • Jets Swimwear – From bikinis to one-pieces, Jets creates swimwear at their Melbourne headquarters and factories. They use local designers and workers to make their products.
  • Gorman – With a flagship store in Melbourne, this indie fashion label designs and produces clothing locally. They blend quirky details and prints on their dresses and denim.
  • Politix – Known for men’s tailored shirts and suits, Politix keeps manufacturing based in Melbourne. They also produce dress shirts locally.

Supporting these Australian companies helps foster local jobs and economic growth. When buying clothes made in Australia, customers can feel good knowing they are supporting homegrown businesses and artisans.

Now Let’s explore some cheap or affordable brands and make a new taste…

Which Jeans are Best Quality?

When it comes to denim quality, you generally get what you pay for. Some of the most renowned denim brands known for quality and durability include:


Levi’s are iconic for a reason. Their cotton twill denim holds up extremely well over time with frequent wear and washes.


Wrangler uses sturdy cotton and utilizes copper rivets at stress points for extra strength. Their denim retains shape wash after wash.


With over 130 years in the denim industry, Lee pioneered features like button-fly closures. Their premium denim lines like Lee Relaxed Fit surpass basic jeans.


AG’s rigorous standards for fabric, construction and fitting have earned them a cult following. Their jeans develop a beautiful patina with age.

Naked & Famous

Made for hardcore wear-and-tear, Naked & Famous’ specialized denims like glow-in-the-dark or indigo-dyed are top quality.

Opt for 100% cotton denim from reputable brands for jeans that hold up long-term without pilling or stretching out. Higher quality takes longer to fade but creates a uniquely worn-in look.

When Did Jeans Become Popular in Australia?

Denim was slow to catch on in Australia compared to America. It wasn’t until the 1950s that demand grew due to rising wages and new influences from American fashion and pop culture like Hollywood Westerns and Rockabilly music. Major jeans brands opened local factories and shops. Australian cowboys helped drive adoption by wearing durable denim pants on cattle drives. By the 1960s, jeans had firmly cemented as Australia’s casual uniform spurred by surf culture. Teens wore them proudly as a symbol of rebellion against formality during the rise of Rock n’ Roll.

What are the Oldest Jeans Brands?

Jeans have deep American roots dating back centuries:

Levi Strauss & Co. – 1872

Levi’s are the original jeans and oldest continuously operating brand. When gold miners asked Levi to make sturdier pants he developed denim workwear.

Wrangler – 1904

Wrangler jeans were inspired by the tough horseback denim favored by American cowboys on the range.

Lee – 1889

Lee introduced Key West jeans in the 1880s catered to sailors needs. Their famous button fly caught on nationwide.

Old Gringo – 1890s

Founded in Mexico, they produced tough jeans adapted by miners and cowboys on both sides of the border.

Big E – 1873

One of the earliest brands, Big E made jeans for miners and ranchers in South Dakota before fading from popularity.

The blue jean has endured over 150 years to become America’s iconic garment exported worldwide.

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