Affordable ethical Fashion Brands

Transform Your Look With These Affordable ethical Fashion Brands

Affordable ethical Fashion Brands

With the rising popularity of ethical and sustainable fashion, more consumers want access to affordable options that don’t involve supporting unethical fast fashion brands. The good news is there are now tons of budget-friendly ethical fashion companies to choose from.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about affordable ethical fashion, from defining key terms to listing over a dozen of our favorite ethical yet affordable clothing companies you should know about.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Affordable ethical Fashion Brands

Ethical fashion refers to clothing produced under fair, humane and environmentally-conscious conditions. This means brands that produce ethical fashion aim to minimize harm to people, animals and the planet through sustainable materials and fair labor practices.

Ethical fashion brands stand against issues linked to fast fashion production like poor working conditions, underpaid workers, unsafe factories, and enormous textile waste.

What Makes Fashion Affordable?

For our purposes, we’re defining affordable fashion as clothing priced under $100 per piece. This includes t-shirts, dresses, pants, outerwear and most other garments. While $100 per piece is still expensive for some budgets, it’s quite affordable compared to higher-end sustainable companies charging $200+ per item.

Of course, meeting ethical standards while pricing items affordably is no easy feat. We’ll uncover how ethical brands offer lower prices later on.

Why Affordable Ethical Fashion Matters

Affordable ethical Fashion Brands

The average American buys around 68 garments per year and throws away over 80 pounds of textiles annually. This push towards overconsumption is encouraged by cheap, trendy fast fashion brands that offload small batches of poorly-constructed clothing for rock bottom prices.

Transitioning even some of these purchases to affordable ethical alternatives could significantly lower your environmental impact. Plus, buying from ethical brands supports the fair treatment of factory workers and helps set better standards across the entire fashion industry.

If sustainable fashion brands priced most consumers out of the market, they’d never gain enough traction to transform mainstream fashion. But by innovating production methods and simplifying designs, ethical companies now offer everything from budget-friendly basics to trendy statement pieces with an average price tag under $100.

Where To Buy Affordable Ethical Clothing

Where To Buy Affordable Ethical Clothing

Wondering where to find affordable ethical fashion brands? While specialty sustainable boutiques exist across the U.S., shopping online unlocks the most choice and lowest prices.

We scoured the internet to find over a dozen of our favorite ethical yet affordable fashion brands supplying everything from loungewear essentials to shoes and accessories.

Most of these ethical brands price items affordably by:

  • Using eco-friendly yet affordable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel. These cost more than virgin synthetics but avoid premium materials like silk or cashmere.
  • Focusing on core wardrobe essentials over niche products. Simple wardrobe basics like t-shirts translate to simpler manufacturing and thus lower costs.
  • Sourcing materials in affordable regions closer to manufacturing hubs. For example, sourcing organic cotton from India for factories based in India cuts shipping costs.
  • Producing in small batch runs. This avoids overproduction and textile waste tied to fast fashion practices focused on quantity over quality.
  • Selling directly to consumers online. This allows brands to cut out middleman retailer markups.

Now let’s dive into our favorite ethical fashion brands supplying killer style for under $100…

14+ Affordable Ethical Fashion Brands To Know

14+ Fashion Brands To Know

Ethical Basics Under $50

These ethical brands offer high quality wardrobe essentials like tees, tanks, hoodies, underwear and loungewear under $50 per piece. Their affordable prices come from minimalist designs, small batch production runs and direct-to-consumer online sales models.

  • Organic Basics – Danish apparel brand supplying affordable innerwear and loungewear knits sustainably made from organic cotton, recycled nylon and Tencel.
  • Boody – Australian brand using sustainably sourced bamboo viscose to create super soft activewear, underwear and lounge pieces priced affordably.
  • Amour Vert – French-American brand focused on everyday wardrobe staples for women featuring sustainable fabrics like modal, cupro, Tencel and 100% recycled poly.
  • Reformation – Known for flirty womenswear, Reformation still stocks affordable tees and lounge pieces made sustainably from recycled and deadstock fabrics.
  • Alternative Apparel – All items produced in a LEED Gold factory use organic cotton, recycled polyester and non-toxic dyes to create a range of affordable casual basics.

Trendy Affordable Ethical Fashion Under $100

Trendy Fashion Under $100

Want affordable ethical clothing companies supplying more stylish, trend-driven and statement-making items? The brands below keep prices (mostly) under $100 while meeting rigorous social and environmental standards through innovative production methods and direct-to-consumer sales.

  • Reformation – Alongside their core basics lie Reformation’s recent foray into low impact denim, flirty dresses and trendy shoes, with select items clocking in under $100.
  • Mara Hoffman – Funky prints and lounge-worthy knits define this sustainable luxury brand, with a handful of non-silk dresses and caftans dipping into double digit territory.
  • Christy Dawn Breezy feminine dresses and separates sewing deadstock cotton and sustainably sourced viscose promise feel-good style under $200. Occasional sample sales unlock $100 or less scores.
  • Place Apparel – Minimalist yet trend-driven womenswear featuring cupro fabric and natural dyes epitomizes this travel-inspired Vancouver brand pricing almost all stock under $100.
  • Allbirds – Direct-to-consumer sustainable sneakers spun from renewable materials have made a splash in ethical footwear. Select wool shoes styles ring up for under $100.
  • Cariuma – Cool canvas sneakers sporting recycled plastic bottles, rubber and cork cost just $98 as this forward-thinking brand injects ethical practices into the global sneaker industry.
  • Armedangels – Organic cotton, Tencel and recycled PET get fashioned into of-the-moment wardrobe additions like faux leather jackets, knit pullovers, dainty dresses and soft loungewear at impressively affordable prices through their online shop.
  • Everlane – Their hip and minimalist basics brand houses an expanding 100% Human line of organic cotton pieces ethically produced transparently from start to finish for costs rivaling conventional fashion.

Are Affordable Ethical Brands As Sustainable As Premium Brands?

Premium Brands

You may be wondering how affordable ethical clothing brands stack up to higher-priced sustainable luxury companies touting artisanally-crafted clothes from premium eco fabrics.

The short answer – affordable ethical fashion is generally not as sustainably-produced as its pricier counterpart. However, more affordable ethical brands still represent a vast improvement over conventional fast fashion in terms of ethics and sustainability.

For example, a budget-friendly organic cotton tee will involve less harm than a virgin polyester fast fashion blouse, but may not be as eco-friendly as a meticulously crafted, farm-to-finished silk camisole from a luxury zero waste fashion house.

However, affordable ethical fashion brands narrow this gap by partnering with ethical factories and fabulous yet more affordable fabrics like Tencel, recycled polyester and cupro. communicated

Simply put – premium ethical brands push sustainability standards higher, while affordable ethical brands brings these improved standards to the masses. We need both expanding in tandem to transform the entire fashion industry.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to ethical fashion or a sustainability pro, affordable ethical brands make a difference!

Hopefully this list of budget-friendly sustainable brands makes conscious consumerism feel like an attainable option rather than an inconvenient chore.

Every dollar shifted towards ethical and eco-conscious companies sets new precedents for the entire fashion industry to follow. Your fashion choices contribute to sustainability, ethics, and innovation in the global fashion market!

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