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What Boots Are Made in the USA? Top American Boot Brands

What Boots Are Made in the USA

Buying American-made products has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more consumers want to support businesses in their country and local economies. Regarding footwear,what boots made in the USA offer exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, andclassic heritage style.

This blog post will highlight What Boots Are Made in the USA, creating handcrafted boots domestically. We’ll review what makes these boots unique, key features, price points, and more. Read on to learn all about the impressive bootmakers keeping boot construction on American soil.

Top American-Made Boot Brands

Top American-Made Boot Brands

1. Red Wing Shoes

      Founded in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wing Shoes is one of the oldest and most iconic American bootmakers. They specialize in work and heritage boots.

      Key Features:

      • Use leathers from their own S.B. Foot tanning company
      • Famous for oil-tanned leather boots
      • Offer recrafting services for worn boots
      • Boots range from $250-$500

      Red Wing is known for their classic moc toe style, durable welted construction, and robust leather. They offer a variety of toe shapes, outsole options, and hardware details across their collection.

      2. Wolverine Boots

        Michigan-based Wolverine Boots got their start in 1883, making shoes for workers. Today, they create durable casual and work boots and hiking boots.

        Key Features:

        • Focus on comfort technologies like durable cushioning
        • Use Horween leather from Chicago
        • Offer a 1 year test wear trial period
        • Boots range from $125-$300

        Wolverine has an extensive line, including their 1000-mile boot, which is made to last 1000 miles. They offer waterproof designs, safety toe options, and casual styles.

        3. Danner Boots

          Founded in 1932, Danner Boots creates high-performance hiking, hunting, work, and military boots. They’re known for their stitch-down craftsmanship in Portland, Oregon.

          Key Features:

          • Handcraft each boot in the Portland factory
          • Feature Vibram outsoles for grip and traction
          • Use GORE-TEX waterproof lining options
          • Boots range from $150-$500

          Danner offers unparalleled stability and shock absorption thanks to their superb construction. Their boots are built to last through arduous outdoor pursuits.

          4. Chippewa Boots

            Chippewa Boots got their start as a logger boot company in 1901. Based in Wisconsin, they create durable lace-up and pull-on work boots.

            Key Features:

            • Many styles are Made in the USA with imported components
            • Feature Vibram and Chippewa brand outsoles
            • Use Dri-Lex linings for moisture control
            • Boots range from $160-$280

            Chippewa has built a name for itself by creating hard-wearing boots for industrial jobs. They offer reliable boots with serious traction and comfort.

            5. Thorogood Boots

              Wisconsin-based Thorogood Boots began 1892 as one of America’s original work boot companies. They craft durable boots designed to protect feet on the job.

              Key Features:

              • Specialize in safety toe boots
              • Use Goodyear welt construction
              • Shock absorption and slip resistance
              • Boots range from $150-$300

              Thorogood uses premium materials like American cattle hide leather to make boots that provide workers comfort, support, and protection.

              6. L.L.Bean Boots

                Iconic outdoor brand L.L.Bean got its start in Maine over 100 years ago. While not all their boots are US-made, some classics, like the famous Bean Boot, are.

                Key Features:

                • Manufacture the iconic Bean Boot in Maine
                • Other styles made domestically and imported
                • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
                • Boots range from $139-$399

                L.L.Bean’s Bean Boots never go out of style. Rubber boots with leather uppers come in various heights and colours.

                7. Rancourt & Co.

                  Rancourt & Co. specializes in handsewn moccasin construction boots and shoes at their Maine factory. They’ve perfected the craft of moccasin shoemaking.

                  Key Features:

                  • Produce boots and shoes via benchwork hand-sewing
                  • Specialize in Horween shell cordovan leather
                  • Made to order with extensive custom options
                  • Boots range from $110-$190

                  Rancourt uses time-honoured techniques passed down through generations of cobblers. The results are stunning boots made to your preferences.

                  8. Oak Street Bootmakers

                    Oak Street Bootmakers was founded in Chicago in 2009 through a love of handcrafted footwear. They create boots and shoes with fine leather and a minimalist aesthetic.

                    Key Features:

                    • Use Horween and Annonay leathers
                    • Offer recrafting and resole services
                    • Feature stitch down and Goodyear welt construction
                    • Boots range from $120-$150

                    Oak Street Bootmakers focuses on clean, sophisticated design using old-fashioned construction methods. Their boots break in beautifully.

                    9. Quoddy Shoes

                      Quoddy Shoes manufactures its shoes and boots in Maine, drawing inspiration from Native moccasin style. Their process combines handcrafting and modern technology.

                      Key Features:

                      • Specialize in moccasin construction footwear
                      • Use premium domestic leather
                      • Offer customization of styles and materials
                      • Boots range from $75-$95

                      Quoddy is renowned for its signature boat shoe, but its boots demonstrate fine shoemaking. They offer classics like the Blucher and unique options like their Maliseet boot.

                      10. Fracap Boots

                        Founded in 1908, Fracap handcrafts hiking and mountain boots at their Italian workshop. All the shoes from this heritage brand are imported.

                        Key Features:

                        • A family-owned company with a long heritage
                        • Feature Vibram outsoles and Goodyear welt
                        • Use Italian wood and vegetable-tanned leather
                        • Boots range from $80-$150

                        Fracap has mastered the art of traditional Italian shoemaking for over a century. Their imported boots offer old-world craftsmanship.


                        Customers can feel good about what boots are made in the USA, knowing they support skilled artisans and domestic manufacturing.

                        Brands like Red Wing, Wolverine, Danner and Oak Street Bootmakers exemplify American bootmaking tradition best while incorporating modern technologies and materials—their commitment to keeping production in the USA results in premium quality boots built to last. 

                        From sturdy work boots to handsewn moccasin boots to hunting and hiking designs, American boot companies offer an array of styles showcasing expertise passed down through generations. If you’re looking for boots with exceptional construction, customization options, premium leather, and a classic sensibility, choose American-made choose. Your feet will thank you.

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