What Clothes Are Made in the USA

What Clothes Are Made in the USA? A Look at American Apparel

What Clothes Are Made in the USA

What Clothes Are Made in the USA?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest among consumers in buying American-made products, including clothing made in the USA.

With globalization leading to much apparel manufacturing moving overseas, many people want to support domestic jobs and businesses by purchasing American-made clothes.

But finding clothes made in America can be tricky. Most big apparel brands produce their items internationally, so you have to do some digging to find US-based clothing companies.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what clothes are made in the USA and highlight some top brands producing American-made apparel.

Why Buy USA-Made Clothes?

There are several compelling reasons to seek out American-made clothing when shopping:

  • Support American Jobs: When you buy US-manufactured apparel, you help provide jobs for American workers and support the domestic economy. The US garment industry has declined in recent decades due to offshoring, so purchasing USA-made clothes helps stabilize local employment.
  • Better Quality: Clothing made in the US typically features higher-quality materials and construction than imported items. American-made garments are built to last longer.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Clothes made locally in the US don’t have to be shipped internationally, reducing the carbon footprint. Many American manufacturers also use eco-friendly fabrics and processes.
  • Unique Style: American-made fashion often has an appealing classic or retro look that stands out from imported fast fashion. US brands also offer patriotic styles you can’t find elsewhere.
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Where to Buy Clothes Made in the USA

The key to finding American-made apparel is to start exploring brands beyond the major chains and big box retailers. Here are some recommendations on the best places to purchase USA-made clothing:

What Clothes Are Made in the USA

5 American-Made Clothing Brand

1. American Giant

High-quality basics and athleisure wear. One of the most popular American-made clothing brands.

2. Everlane

Select US-made jeans, tees, sweaters, and outerwear options. Transparent about supply chains.

3. Huckberry

Curated selection of flannels, shirts, pants, and accessories from US brands.

4. Taylor Stitch

Menswear essentials, including shirts, jackets, and denim, are handcrafted in America.

5. American Trench

Updated US-made classic coats, blazers, and graphic tees.

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Certain categories of clothing have seen growth in US manufacturing and have more American-made options available. Some types to look for include:

1. Jeans

Premium denim remains a stronghold of US apparel manufacturing, especially in California. High-end pairs from these iconic brands are primarily US-made.

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2. Athleticwear

Performance athletic apparel is a bright spot for American manufacturing. Many items from these leading activewear brands are made in the US:

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3. Menswear

Several American clothiers craft fine men’s attire domestically. Look for US-made shirts, suits, and accessories from:

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5. Boots and shoes

A number of top US footwear companies produce boots and other sturdy styles at their American factories:

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Finding Your American-Made Style

We hope this guide has given you plenty of tips for finding fashionable, ethically-made clothes made in the USA and highlighted some excellent US-based clothing companies to explore.

With quality materials and construction, timeless styles, and brands investing in domestic jobs, American-made clothing provides wonderful options for fulfilling your fashion needs while also supporting local communities.

There are so many great US clothing makers out there at various price points, and more are emerging all the time. Now that you know where to look, you can source American apparel that will bring you pride for years to come.

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