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What Shoes To Wear With Formal Long Dress

What Shoes To Wear With Formal Long Dress

Selecting What Shoes To Wear With Formal Long Dress can seem daunting. However, with some critical considerations in mind, you can easily find footwear that complements your outfit perfectly.

In this article, we’ll explore tips on choosing shoes that go with formal dresses, discuss different shoe styles and options, and help you pull together a polished, stylish look from head to toe.

Match Shoe Color to Dress

When putting together your formal outfit, you’ll want to ensure your shoes complement the dress’s color. Some easy ways to coordinate:

  • Exact color match. Wear heels the same color as your dress – this elongates your legs. Works well for bold brights or jewel tones.
  • Neutral shoes. Nude, black, silver or gold heels seamlessly match any dress color. Metallic shoes add a hint of glam.
  • Contrasting color. Make your shoes a statement with a color contrasting your dress but still complementing it. Consider the color wheel – blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow are stylish pairings.
  • Metallic vs. matte. Dresses with a metallic sheen (gold, silver) pair best with shiny shoes, while matte fabrics look better with leather or suede heels.

Matching your heels to the exact hue of your dress is an easy way to look pulled together from top to bottom. But don’t be afraid to make your shoes a focal point with a pop of color or sparkle!

Shoe styles suitable for long dresses

Many stylish shoe options work for formalwear, from classic pumps to strappy sandals. Here are some of the most popular shoe types to wear with evening dresses:

1. Pumps

The primary pump is a wardrobe staple. Its versatility makes it a go-to for any formal occasion. Opt for a pointed toe, stiletto heel, and neutral colors like black, nude, silver, or gold. Wear with any dress silhouette.

2. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels add ornamentation and security – the strap ensures a comfortable fit. The Ankle straps work with everything from sleek column dresses to fuller A-lines or ball gowns.

3. D’Orsay Heels

D’Orsay heels have an open toe and distinctive cutout sides. This allows you to show off a pedicure and gives your leg a longer line. D’Orsays pair nicely with fitted mermaid or trumpet dresses.

4. Slip-On Mules

Mules (open-backed shoes) exude an air of sophistication. Often adorned with bows, buckles, or jewels, they beautifully accent flowy chiffon or satin dresses.

5. Block Heels

block heel provides stability and comfort for formal events that require lots of walking or standing. Choose a style with an ankle strap to complement billowing skirts or delicate lace dresses.

6. Metallic Sandals

Like silver or gold-heeled sandals, metallic shoes add glamour to any outfit. The strappy look flatters foot and ankle. Shimmery metallics complement solid brights, pastels, or black dresses.

Consider the dress fabric and embellishments when selecting shoes to wear with formal long dress. Delicate shoes work best with lightweight dresses, while chunky heels pair well with heavy fabrics. The options are endless – ensure your shoes enhance your look!

Tips for A Comfortable Fit

While beauty is pain, your feet shouldn’t suffer for style. Here are tips for finding comfortable shoes that also look fabulous:

long dress shoes
  • Shop for heels at the end of the day when your feet are swollen
  • Look for shoes with straps, ankle support, or smaller platforms for stability
  • Try cushioned insoles or inserts for shock absorption
  • Seek out chunky, stacked heels over stilettos for stability
  • Choose leather over plastic – it molds to your feet better
  • Practice walking in heels before the big event
  • Bring backup flats in case your feet need a break
  • Pack blister plasters in your clutch just in case
  • Look for broader toe boxes to avoid pinching

Prioritize comfort as much as aesthetics when selecting your perfect pair of shoes. Well-fitting shoes ensure you look and feel confident all night long.

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